"You look like Sun Dong-yeol." KBO's best ace with 13 wins and a 1.87 ERA. Praise - SUN summoned 33 years ago to 'challenge'

“It seems like director Seon Dong-yeol goes in the slider… ”

This is what SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-chul said while broadcasting the match between Hanwha and NC in Daejeon on the 21st. Eric Peddy, the best pitcher in the KBO this season and the best foreign player. On this day, he won 13 wins (2 losses) of the season with 4 hits, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk and 3 runs in 6⅔ innings.

Peddy shows off his majesty as the 5th starter for the Washington Nationals in the past. The power of a fastball that easily shoots in the early 150km range, the perfect command of the breaking ball from the cutter, curveball, slider, sweeper, and changeup, as well as the clever game management ability. In a word, it is untouchable.

On this day, the combination of two-seam and cutter and two-seam and sweeper was quite powerful. According to Peddie's account, he struck out 7 of the 8 he caught on this day were sweepers. He is the best foreign pitcher of the year and is by far the most advanced in the MVP and Golden Glove races.

This is because he is running for first place with 13 wins and an ERA of 1.87. With 3 runs in 7 innings, the average ERA rose slightly from 1.71. Still, since Kim Hyun-wook (20 wins, ERA 1.88) in 1997, he is challenging to win 20 wins and an ERA of 1 point at the same time in 26 years.

The pitcher who recorded the most 20 wins and 1 ERA at the same time in the KBO League was none other than Seon Dong-yeol, former national team coach. Former coach Seon Dong-yeol is the original monster who recorded 24 wins and an average ERA of 0.99 in 1986, and an immortal 20-0 point average ERA. Afterwards, he posted 21 wins and a 1.17 earned run average in 1989 and 22 wins and a 1.13 earned run average in 1990. Former coach Sun could not achieve 20 wins again after that, but he recorded an average ERA of 1 point including 0 points four more times. In other words, Peddy is challenging the recall of former coach Sun 33 years ago this year.

In fact, looking at Peddy's pitches, the cutter is more powerful than the sweeper. Basically, the ball speed is good, so the point of bending is also quite fast. Commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, "I can't catch the timing at all when batters break. It breaks too quickly.” Commissioner Lee Soon-chul described the cutter as a slider that day, and former coach Sun's best weapon during his active career was also a slider. Commissioner Lee said, "When I see the sliders break, I feel like I'm watching director Seon Dong-yeol."

Peddie said, “The thing I used the most in the major leagues was the cutter. It was a lethal blow. He is used a lot against left-handed hitters in Korea, and he recorded a good record. He also threw a lot of sweepers. Seven of the eight pitches he caught were sweepers. He entered the curve well,” he said.

I know the meaning of challenging 20 wins and an average ERA of 1 point. However, they seemed not to know that the last player to achieve this at the same time was Lotte Pitching Coach Kim Hyeon-wook. He said, “I am interested in the king of ERA and 20 wins. He has to put in more effort.”

Peddie lives with his family until the 24th. Baseball works better in front of the family. On this day, his family had an intuition in Daejeon. “It feels best to win in front of my family,” he said. I was going to travel from Busan after the All-Star game, but it rained so much that I couldn't do it."

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