A storyteller
I think art is a way to communicate. It’s a language like English or French that help people understand myself and the idea I want to express to them. My language to communicate with my audience is filmmaking. When the first time I screened my film in front of my schoolmates. They watched it and asked me questions and I answered. When I was doing this, I felt like I found my way to communicate with my audiences and that's the moment I felt like being myself. I would like to say the purpose of my art is to make people understand with each other. To make them see what they normally can't see. I’m like the little boy in the film a One and a Two taking pictures of other people’s back and show them to peoples. For me, the overall meaning of film is to extend people’s life, this is another quote from a One and a Two: film can extend people’s life to three times than before. So the content of my work mostly came from my life and other people’s life. I think life itself is the most interesting thing. Because things just happening and I have to spend my whole life figuring out these things happened in my life and I can't
get an answer out of it. Life and things happening in life, is such a mystery and it could be a forever topic for me to work on.
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August 12, 2001
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A storyteller