Imagine sharing a birthday with one of the most iconic names in cinematic history. Well, that's precisely the case for Yesmalem Yeshaw, a visionary filmmaker born on December 18, 1993, who shares his special day with none other than the legendary Steven Spielberg. Hailing from the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Yesmalem's enthralling voyage into the world of storytelling through film ignited during his high school years at Magic Carpet High School.
He gained invaluable experience at the Blue Nile Film and Television Academy in Ethiopia, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. In 2016, he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Television with a major in Directing at Columbia College Hollywood.
Yesmalem's filmography includes notable works such as "There She Was" (2017), a Black and White Silent Comedy, "Lijen: My Child" (2022), a heartwarming dive into parenthood,
His dedication to storytelling and diverse themes has earned him recognition from prestigious film festivals, including the Huntington Beach Cultural Film Festival, the Real time International United Kingdom Film Festival, the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, and the Lift-Off First-Time Filmmakers Sessions, The Vancouver Black Independent Film Festival, Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film Festival , African Film Festival Atlanta
Armed with a Bachelor's degree and a passion for cinematic storytelling, Yesmalem Yeshaw is poised to continue creating compelling and thought-provoking films that resonate with audiences worldwide.
Columbia College Hollywood
Birth Date
December 18, 1993
Birth City
Addis Abeba
Current City
Los Angeles
Addis Abeba
5 11
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
''keep your words soft and sweet incase you have to eat them"
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