Y as in Youth. Y as in Year-round. Y as in You.

Y Frames is a brand-new online festival that highlights the carefully selected work of a different young director every week.

We showcase emerging new talents, providing a platform on which to show and promote their short films, while also giving them the chance to receive a direct donation from the audience.

We know that pursuing a career in filmmaking is tough, especially at the beginning, so we want to support brave, fresh voices that deserve to be heard.

Each selected project will appear on our homepage for a week, together with a profile of the director, and then will be available in our archive and in constantly updated playlists.

Furthermore, each month we will choose our “Y Short of the month”.

“Y Short of the month”

Y Frames is an online curated festival that presents a new talented filmmaker every week.
We open a call for submissions every month.
Only selected filmmakers will be contacted to schedule the week for showcasing their short film.
Films must be in English or have English subtitles.

Y Frames in not an exclusive platform, we accept films already available elsewhere and encourage participants to show their movie in other spaces too.
Anyway, we value the status of online premiere.

Filmmakers have complete control over the screening availability of their selected film.
Filmmakers retain 100% of the rights of their film and will be able to collect donations (we recommend setting up a PayPal account for that purpose).

We don't take any licensing rights or collect any profit from selected films.
Filmmakers get 100% of any recieved donations.
Unfortunately, due to the high number of submissions we receive, we unfortunately are not able to offer feedback on individual entries.

UNDER 10: Short films under 10 minutes made by filmmakers under 35 years old at the moment of subscription: $10
UNDER 20: Short films between 10 and 20 minutes, made by filmmakers under 35 years old at the moment of subscription: $20
UNDER 30: Short films between 20 and 30 minutes, made by filmmakers under 35 years old at the moment of subscription: $30

We will embed your film from your own Vimeo/Youtube link. In special cases, we could upload it to our channel.
It's fundamental that you promptly communicate with us in case you decide to change your settings or remove the video.

By submitting, the producer and/or director agree that they are the owners of the musical, filmic or textual rights of the works included in the film.
Y Frames will not be held responsible for copyright infringement.
The rights’ owners authorize a free reproduction of stills and extracts (10% of the total duration of the film, maximum 3 minutes) of their film for all publications of the festival.

We will use our social media and newsletter to promote your film, within our limits.