The founder of Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation, Xia Jing Shan, devotes to painting and calligraphy in his whole life. Moreover, he wishes to contribute to the society and inspire the youth through education. By hosting the “Jing Shan Classic, Cultural & Creative Art Awards” competition, it is expected to cultivate more cultural workers in the new generation. Furthermore, it can build an international and interdisciplinary art platform that can represent the essence of traditional culture in addition to inspire more innovative creation for the future.

The inspiration for works should be based on “2020 Painting Selections” as elements. Combining the calligraphy and painting works of Xia Jing Shan artists, as well as the charitable ideas and philosophies behind them as concepts, linking culture and creativity. It aims to inspire applicants’ pieces of works that pay attention to society and humanitarian issues in depth. Three categories are available, including Graphic Design Category, Gift Design Category and Video Category.

The Jury will decide candidates from each category depending on their works’ presentations to award 1 Jing Shan Golden Award, 1 Jing Shan Silver Award, 1 Jing Shan Bronze Award, and 3 Merit Awards. Winners will be awarded with prize money, a trophy or a certificate. There will be souvenirs for all the winners. The organizer reserves the right of making any change into the event program. In addition to the change, the organizer is able to set up additional awards to inspire more candidates with outstanding performance.Total prize winners: 18; total prize money: USD 80,000. Special Prize is excluded.

Video Category

The video work can present as animation, motion graphics, video film, or microfilm. It should be limited within 5 minutes. Scripts, soundtracks, images, animations, or other possible materials are available to use for creating any innovative or industrial-oriented artworks.

The designs should be based on the twenty selected calligraphy and painting of Xia Jing Shan's works and the ideas behind them.

2020 Painting Selections
The selected 20 artworks form Xia Jing Shan, for applicants to create their works. Please find the following link to download.

1.Any individuals or groups (Max 5), regardless of age or nationalities. The registration is free.
2.Unlimited times for each person or group to submit the competition. However, each artwork is only allowed to submit once.
3.All applicants must guarantee that any work submitted to the competition is their own original work, that they have the ownership of the work, that their work has not received official prizes in any prior competition, and that the work does not violate any copyright. If the winning work is reported or informed to be unoriginal or the plagiarized work, once confirmed, the organizer reserves the right to rescind the winner’s prize and claim restitution of the monetary award in addition to the return of the trophy and the certificate of the award. The applicants / group applicants shall assume legal liability without objection if causing losses to a third party.

1.All submissions are anonymous; if any identical symbol or individual information was found in submissions, the eligibility would be dismissed.
2.The works of finalists shall not be modified randomly, only fine-tuning, less than 10% of the work, is allowed.
3.The result will be posted on our official website ( ) and Facebook Fanpage( ).

The Foundation reserves the rights to change the rules of the award application. If there are any changes, please refer to the event's official website ( and Facebook page ( only. The organizer will not send any further notices.
1.Applicants have to provide detailed information of their creation for the purpose of public reports and exhibition in the future, and applicants have to agree not to claim any copyright fee.
2.The registration documents and photographic materials submitted shall be retained by the organizer for research and record purposes; they are not to be returned. Any request of return, removal, or replacement of any selected work is not acceptable during the process of evaluation and exhibition.
3.Applicants’ works are not allowed to apply for other competitions, awards or exhibitions before the final result of “Jing Shan Classic, Cultural and Creative Arts Awards” releases.
4.By completing the application, an applicant shall be deemed as having given consent to authorize the foundation to use his or her personal information without any reimbursement within the scope required for exhibition, award promotion and relevant activities.
5.The organizer is authorized to display, photograph, shoot, reproduce, translate, publish and print, create, manufacture, merchandise and promote winners’ works.
6.All submissions by deadline are strictly regulated. The organizer reserves the right to decline any incomplete submission, including rules violators without any notice.
7.Once application is completed, it is also regarded the consent has been automatically made by the applicants.
8.By completing the registration, a participant shall be deemed as having given consent to authorize the foundation to use his or her work without any reimbursement within the scope required for exhibition and relevant activities. The scope of authorization includes exhibition, photography, replication, and translation of the award-winning and selected works, creation and sale of the publication and souvenirs, and promotional activities.

Overall Rating
  • Amir mahdi Ghorreshi

    Perfect! Awesome! The best festival I've ever attended.

    August 2021
  • Juan Restrepo

    it's great, a great meeting for culture and art

    December 2020
  • It was great to be able to participate in this event, and thanks to the jury members for selecting our animated short film 'The Saviour' as Bronze Winner in video art category. I will feel lucky to be able to take part again in the future.

    December 2020