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Writing To Gillian

A struggling bipolar writer dealing with his chaotic life. He deals with his mother’s death; living with family; wanting to live on his own; he is writing a play about his late parents; he creates an online blog in hopes of meeting actor Gillian Anderson, in person; to thank her for inspiring him.

  • Markus McLaughlin
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  • EdiPlay International Film Festival
    February 22, 2022
    Award Winner
Writer Biography - Markus McLaughlin

Markus McLaughlin is a Finnish-American screenwriter, residing in the metro west Boston area. He is the son of the late Robert and the late Eine McLaughlin. He was diagnosed with Manic Depression in 1998. He became a mental health advocate so he could be a voice for the mentally disabled. He is currently working on several projects.

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Writer Statement

Thirty-Nine years ago, a Beatles song was playing on the radio; at my late Parents house on Davis Road, in Bangor, Maine. The song was that was playing was "Yellow Submarine." An idea popped in my head, I hunted down my late mother Eine's electric typewriter; and I learned to not only type; but also begin the writing journey. I was influenced by George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Arthur C. Clarke, Chris Carter, Phillip K. Dick, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, and Wes Anderson. I wrote sci-fi stories on a typewriter or on a computer, in middle school. I never "fit in," so ideas from media inspired me to write. I have always been on my own path. I never took a formal class in screenwriting; I have seen over a thousand films over the span of forty-four years since the age of five. "Star Wars," sparked me to want to create my own films; but it was writing, and later screenwriting....That gave me the skills I needed. I AM A SCREENWRITER!!! :D