The Malta Short Film Mental Health festival

Festival will take place on 9th & 10th October, 2015

Submission Deadline - 15th July, 2015

Now open for submissions!

The Malta Mental Health Short Film Festival, is being organised by the Art and Mental Health Group in collaboration with the Community Theatre and supported by Mount Carmel Hospital. It will be held in Attard, Malta between the 9th and 10th October, 2015 on the occasion of World Mental Health day.
It is a short film festival that focuses on showcasing cinematographic works that deal with mental health issues, in order to promote the rights of people with mental disorders as well as to elicit a sense of hope and recovery in mental illness. Films can address specific mental health issues, but we are also keen to encourage innovative and diverse perspectives. While submissions do not necessarily need to have a positive ending, winning submissions will likely include some level of inspiration.
Compelling visual stories and narratives related to mental health will constitute the benchmark of this festival that will captivate and engage the audience. Using the power and the creativity of the art of cinema, this festival aims to spread and increase knowledge on mental illness, to raise public awareness on this topic and to encourage social inclusion of people with mental disabilities as well as fight against their stigmatization. The screening of the selected short films will be followed by discussions led by different professionals in the field of mental health and the arts.
We accept films of any genre (fiction, documentary, animation..) but they should not exceed 15 minutes.
Entry is free. The closing date for entries is
Submission guidelines and entry form can be viewed in the attachment below. 

Digital Certificates to all official selections

Certificate of Awards

Guidelines and Entry Form

The Festival:
The 1st Malta Mental Health Short Film Festival will take place at the Community Theatre of Mount Carmel Hospital in Attard, Malta, Europe between the 9th and 10th October, 2015.
The Festival celebrates art and mental health, exploring the relationship between creativity and the mind, and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing to commemorate World Mental Health Day 2015.
What We’re Looking For:
We’re interested in films that explore mental health, and the various ways this term can be understood and reflected. The work can address specific mental health issues, but the Festival is also keen to encourage innovative and diverse perspectives. We’ll consider films of any genre but they not exceed 10 minutes. Films already submitted and shown in other festivals can also be re-submitted . Entries must be submitted no later than 15th July, 2015.
Please note that entries must be submitted to the festival on or before this date. We cannot accept any entries received after this date.
Submission Process:
The Festival cannot pay for any costs related to the submission.
Films must be received by 15th July, 2015. Please submit your work as soon as you possibly can before this date.
It is recommended that you submit your film as a digital file to:
We accept links to films online, but they must be downloadable. Please name files with the full name of the film being submitted. If you are unable to submit your film digitally, please contact us at :
If submitting more than one piece of work, please include a separate entry form for each film.
All submitted work must be original, and the submitter must either have festival rights to the film or permission to submit it.
Please pay particular attention to the sections of the entry form which ask why the film is being submitted and how it relates to mental health. If these sections are not completed, the Festival will be unable to consider the work.
Please ensure that non-English language films have English language subtitles.
We welcome current or past films.
Insurance is the responsibility of the person who signs the submission form. We do not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged films.
We will acknowledge receipt of your film by email. If you have not received an email within two weeks of submission, please get in touch.
All submitted films will be retained Mount Carmel Hospital for archival and educational purposes. Selection Process:
The selection panel will comprise individuals working in the film industry and people with a background in mental health. The decisions of the panel are final. Unfortunately we are unable to feedback on films which have not been successful.
The winning films selected by the panel will be screened during the Festival and honoured at the end of the festival.
All entrants will be notified on or before the end of August, 2015. We will contact you by email if your work has not been selected.
For work that has been selected, the Festival will be in contact regarding a high-quality screening copy. We cannot pay for related costs or arrange transport, but will cover return carriage.

Conditions of Entry:
All films submitted must have full festival clearance, including written consent/contracts for all people identifiable within the film, paid or unpaid, full musical clearance and third party clearance. It is also the responsibility of the person submitting the entry form to ensure that these consent forms are in place and valid prior to submission. By completing and submitting the entry form, the person doing so agrees that all required permissions have been obtained.
We may utilise clips of selected films in order to publicise the Festival and related events. Submission of an entry form is considered granting the Festival permission to do so.
Still images will be required for selected films.
We regret that we are unable to pay screening fees.