The World Awareness Children's Museum has been offering fun, educational multicultural programming to the community for over 20 years! We wanted to celebrate our love for culture by organizing a festival of short films that are family friendly! Live action or animated, new or old, we're excited for your submission!

Please submit films no longer than 10 minutes long!

Ten minutes in length max.
Family friendly.
Live action or animated.

Overall Rating
  • I was selected but not receive any notification... Its page and facebook also laks of information

    September 2018
  • Fernando GarcĂ­a

    I'm grateful to this festival by the selection of my work in a New York Festival, even more a beside Broadway one, but... I didn't received any direct notification by organization. I sent them several emails but they didn't replay any of them.
    Sadly, I don't know anything about the event and I couldn't even assert the shortfilm was really projected or the event itself celebrated...
    It's a really pity because we were excited for the selection and I liked a lot its initial proporsal.

    September 2018