Work with them

You know these tittes looking right
I can see how you licking your tongue
You wanna bite
You into dessert with cream pies
These boobies make a grown man cry
So it look like your drinking buds
How your pants looking from here you a stud
Thankful for diamond ring remind you of these iced gems
When the lights dinner
My bra come off I'm all about sin

C'mon shimmy now work them
Now work them
Arc your arms gurl
Now arc gurl
C'mon Shimmy hold on to these big life savers
Sos bitch till you behave
C'mon Shimmy now work with it
Work with them

Start with the da bedroom talk with these naughty pillows
You can be my baby let me twin feed you
Fuck these milk monsters till you cum on my chest
Let me take off this shirt that's a front daddy
So you can see Mary Kate and Ashley
I can tell the moment the door bell ring
You wanted your mouth full of whip cream knockers
Suck da girls to I'm wet in the socks
Rain those 20 50 100 on the shelf my upper bollocks

Repeat chorus
You a nasty boy you a happy boy
If you suck big tits you a baby boy
Move this arms girls now twerk with it
If it feel good to him he'll pay for it

Repeat chorus

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