An old man who has recently lost his son takes a taxi at night and Drives around the city, perhaps to find a passenger to talk to him about this grief. But no one seems to have a chance to hear his grief. No one except one.

Inspired by the short story "Longing", By Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

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    Short Script
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Writer Biography

Born in 1986, Iran
Film critic and Journalist

Founder & Director of "FiDAN Iranian Short Film magazine" (www.fidanfilm.ir)

Founder of "EESTAR Iranian cinephilia magazine" (www.eestar.ir)

Experienced Film Critic with a demonstrated history of working in several film magazines and websites.

Researcher of cinema history, focusing on the history of short films in Iranian cinema.

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Writer Statement

The short filmmaker has to sweeten his breakfast tea with "Chekhov" every morning to properly start his day later. I have another script that is an adaptation of another story by Chekhov. It still does not satisfy me, but in this one, I think I understand exactly what Chekhov is talking about, and how that problem is manifesting itself in our time and affecting our lives. Honestly, I have gained this confidence from strange events. A few months ago, when I had just finished the initial version of the script, at a party, a friend of mine described what had happened to him the night before in a taxi. He said the driver had suddenly started talking about a problem in his family. Without introduction and without expecting my friend to guide him or even sympathize with him. Just talked for a few minutes. My friend was more shocked than saying a thing or try to comfort the man and did not say a word until they reached their destination. Sometime later when I reach an acceptable version of the script and sent it to a few of my friends to find out whats their thoughts were about it. One of my friends called me a few days after reading the script and wanted to thank me. He explained that he had tried to be a good listener to one of his neighbors who was talking to him about the problem his mother had, and after that conversation, they became better neighbors. These simple events, these people, assure me that this story, backed by Chekhov's genius, is still alive in our time, and we must read and retell it over and over to understand that humans can still comfort each other. In the simplest way possible. By Listening. This script is my attempt to retell this amazing story.