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An expressive impressionistic view of PTSD after a sexual assault. The story is of a woman trying to move on with her life and having to face the harsh reality of what happened.

  • Ashley Hiatt
    Classic Punk
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Ashley Hiatt

I was raped by my lover in a way similar to what I have written. I am not generally a writer but, in order to move on and cope I am trying to turn my trauma into art. Weeks following the incident I was online trying to find something to keep me grounded and it was so hard to find pieces of art that did not feel deviant or hyper sexualizing. I tried to create something not only for myself but, anyone else who may also be feeling like I did.

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Writer Statement

This piece I imagine will be intercut a lot with a very expressive sound scape. Working together to weave the intricate story of PTSD in relation to sexual assault.