Returning for it’s 5th edition, the Woodland Film Festival will be joining forces with the upcoming Arbour Festival, a 50 day arts festival being held at the Pilot Hill Arboretum in commemoration of the Dunn’s Road Bushfire in Jan-Feb 2021.

We are happy to host a night of film screenings during Arbour, as it was always our little Woodland dream to have an outdoor film screening in the forest. This is our chance to do so (and be part of something bigger than ourselves), and your chance to have your work screened in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Due to COVID measures, all entries are a flat rate non-refundable USD $7 each. Selected entries will still be awarded their Official Selection Laurels and will be part of an online screening at a later time should a live screening not go ahead. Award Winners will still win their awards, regardless!

All films MUST be under 10 minutes, have the appropriate copyright clearances to play in a public forum, and cater to generally good taste.

This year, we are also holding a Worldwide Lockdown Challenge where anybody in any stage of lockdown is invited to send in a film -- no longer than 3 minutes! If you're lucky enough to not be in lockdown, but previously have been, and feel like making a film in your home then that's fine too.

Finally, we are holding a non-competitive category for survivors of the Dunn's Rd bushfire to share their experience and tell their story. Entry for this category is free.

The Woodland Film Festival is funded by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal in partnership with the Pratt Foundation.

Woodland is returning as part of the Arbour Festival - a 50 day festival of growth and renewal at the Pilot Hill Arboretum.

For Now:


Films must be no longer than 10 minutes including titles and credits. Lockdown Challenge entries no longer than 3 minutes.

Films must adhere to all Australian (and international) copyright laws in terms of being screened in a public forum. Basically, by submitting a film, Woodland and all affiliates are held harmless should such a claim eventuate.

Films can be of any genre but may not contain deliberately explicit graphic or thematic content that will be deemed offensive in terms of political, personal, sexual or religious affiliations (or be deemed offensive on the grounds of really bad taste.)

All films must be in English or with English subtitles

With rare exception, we are only looking for more modern films for this edition of Woodland. As such, films from before 2015 may find it hard for selection UNLESS they are relevant to our area or community.

All films must be submitted in digital form (Vimeo, youtube or FilmFreeway Screener) If your film has been selected, a screener via WeTransfer or Dropbox is essential. Please --No normal DVDs or VHS tapes! (especially if they're mum and dads home movies).

Overall Rating
  • Fitch Jean

    Thanks for having us :)

    February 2021
  • I was sadly unable to attend the festival due to the pandemic and being in a national lockdown in the UK. But the Woodland Film Festival were excellent with keeping me updated with my films progress at the festival. I was honoured to be a joint winner of the International lockdown film award with my short documentary "Hands" - Thank you Woodland Film festival for keeping the spirit of film festivals alive during this difficult time. I look forward to submitting future projects to the festival. Highly recommend submitting.

    February 2021
  • We were honoured to be selected for this festival and it's great that it's part of an entire arts festival with so much to do.

    February 2021
  • David George

    A cracking festival to be a part of! The organisers are warm and friendly and you can tell they really care about the local community. The communication was also fantastic. Unfortunately I couldn't fly over to Australia to be at the screenings but the feedback received was stellar.

    Super recommend!

    February 2021
  • Jing Sun

    I like this festival, five stars! The communication is great! I will choose this festival again once I finish my new films!

    August 2016