Why define femininity if you can just show women? Fat, skinny, sad, cheerful, made-up or not, whether in high heels or in sneakers, whether wearing a hijab or a bikini. Just like the ones you meet every day and like the ones you are yet to meet.

Since 2016 we have been organizing “Demakijaż” – an annual women’s film festival. Year after year, you can see feature films and documentaries from every corner of the world, each of them showcasing talent, strength and determination of women behind and in front of the camera. “Demakijaż” goes beyond the artificial images of women mediated in the press, advertising, TV series, and cinema. Such representation is one-dimensional, incomplete, and far removed from reality. The moment you go to a party, hang out with friends or eat dinner at grandma’s, you immediately see a richer and more diverse picture of femininity. But this is nowhere near all of it! What about women living in different parts of the globe, having dissimilar experiences, worldviews or beliefs? We cannot wait to see such diversity on screen.

“Let’s Start the Revolution” is a competition awarding the best short film directed by a woman that tackles issues related to femininity. The competition also provides a space for the networking of women film makers, viewers, and film producers.

In 2019, over 40 films were submitted for the competition. Out of these, 14 were chosen by the selection committee to be screened during the festival, and evaluated by the audience. The directors of the short-listed films participated in Q and As in Lublin and discussed their work with the festivalgoers. The main prize was awarded by the audience to Aleksandra Świerk, director of “Camouflage”.

In 2020, the competition will be expanded to include international films. Our aim is simple – to start a revolution together with film makers, film viewers, and everyone who cares about women’s films – films that are inclusive.

Terms and Conditions of the best short film competition within Women’s Film Festival – Demakijaż (21-25 October 2020)

1. The competition is open to short-length films, not exceeding a 30-minute running time, directed in 2018-2020 by emerging women film makers / persons with the experience of functioning as women.
2. In accordance with the founding principles of the Festival, we are especially interested in showcasing films that focus on the representation of a diversity of practices of femininity.
3. All films should be submitted via https://filmfreeway.com/WomensFilmFestival-Demakijaz
4. Each submission should include English subtitles and a succinct English biography of the director.
5. The Festival Office accepts competition entries from 23 June till 20 August 2020.
6. Once the Selection Committee concludes its work, the Organising Committee makes the decision to accept the entries. All entrants whose films have been short-listed will be notified by email by 15 September 2020.
7. The directors of the short-listed films are obliged to provide the Festival Organisers with a link to the official digital file of the film (DCP, mov, mp4) by 30 September 2020.
8. The short-listed films are judged by the Festival audience. The official announcement of their decision and the award ceremony will take place on 25 October 2020. The director of the best film selected by the Festival audience will receive the main prize in the amount of 1000 PLN.
9. Entering the competition is tantamount to agreeing that the entrant’s content (film) will be screened / streamed as part of the Festival as well as part of additional guest screenings / streamings and /or replicas of the Festival within a year (12 months) from the closing of the Festival.
10. The entrant (film director) also agrees to make the film submission available online during the Festival – on the website provided by the Festival Organisers.
11. Appearing in person at the Festival – be it online or offline – will be discussed individually with the directors of the short-listed films.
12. All the costs related to the transport / transfer of film copies are borne by each entrant.
13. The Festival Organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition as well as to conduct it online in all its entirety.

Women’s Film Festival – Demakijaż