Women Rising

In this captivating story, two families, the Carters and the Porters, gather for a pleasant evening together when a mysterious event occurs. A strange vibration and an eerie light emanate from a meteor-like sphere hovering above the Carter's mansion, captivating their attention. Little do they know that this encounter will forever alter their lives and the world as they know it.

As time progresses, it becomes apparent that the sphere's visit has triggered a remarkable transformation in women worldwide. Through its rays, women begin to grow taller and stronger, surpassing men in physical prowess. This unprecedented phenomenon plunges society into chaos, challenging families to navigate the extraordinary circumstances thrust upon them.

While the Carter family adapts to these changes, the Porters struggle to cope. Bob Porter, initially overwhelmed by his wife's newfound height and strength, grapples with his own insecurities. Fleeing in search of solace, Bob encounters other men who share his apprehensions. However, his outlook shifts when he discovers a sense of purpose in helping his fellow men. Determined to bridge the gender divide, Bob establishes an organization known as MWT (Men Women Together).

Meanwhile, a group called TG (Tough Guys) emerges, consisting of enraged men who vehemently oppose the shifting power dynamics. Fuelled by their conviction that men should always be in control, TG harbors animosity towards MWT and plots to eliminate its leader, Bob. To achieve their goals, TG enlists the assistance of Madido, a young radical confused terrorist, promising him heavenly rewards for assassinating Bob.

As tension mounts, Bob finds himself targeted during a pivotal national debate. However, Madido's assassination attempt is inadvertently foiled when two giant women, seated beside him, rise to applaud Bob's speech. Their unintended action disarms Madido, preventing him from harming Bob. Consequently, Madido's dreams of having multiple wives are shattered, and he languishes in prison, consumed by despair.

TG employs various strategies, including defamation and murder plots, in their relentless pursuit of Bob. Despite coming perilously close to succeeding, their attempts ultimately fall short. Meanwhile, the meteor-like sphere returns multiple times, introducing further transformations to the world. However, MWT's growth and resilience outpace TG's efforts, prompting the leader of TG, Soapy, to resign. He is incensed upon discovering the extent of TG's collaboration with the Mafia, unbeknownst to him.

Finally, the meteor-like sphere makes its last appearance, reverting everyone back to their original size. Now, MWT's focus shifts to uniting all individuals, regardless of their gender or past enmities. The story culminates in a changed world, where acceptance and harmony prevail, even among former adversaries like Madido and Soapy.

  • Bob Yehling
  • Ethan King
    Editor (Synopsis)
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    United States
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Writer - Bob Yehling