You make me feel like a woman

Now that I know for sure
I can not let you go

You're more than I expected

When I thought that love was over

You saved the very best for last

That why you always make me feel

like a woman


No they will not find you

chasing dreams that never be

I will not find him sitting at the bar

drowning your stress in alcohol

Driving other girls in those very expensive cars

You're my man You're is everything to me

Before I can ask

You knows what I need

He might not be the latest

in my eyes your the greatest

He bring out the best in me

I feel good cause yo u make feel like a woman


It just those little things

You know how you open the door

You let me go first

Talk to me real soft

Never disrespecting my name

No I never hear what goes on behind closed doors

You keep a smile on my face giving me a shoulder

That I know I can count on

You never let me cry alone

You taught me there is more to a man

than a belt , a tie, a few dollars here

That don't make a man

Since I met you now I understand

That a man makes a woman

a woman makes a man

So I got to do my part and listen to my heart


You make me feel

You make me feel



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