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Without Roots

When a reopened cold case prompts an investigation into her father's past, a teacher reflects on her traumatic childhood at the hands of seven parents, confronts the demons of her abusive childhood, unravels a family's dark secrets, and finds the strength to break the cycle of abuse, all while guiding a struggling student towards a brighter future.

  • Melanie Hope Lang
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    Drama, Biographical, Faith-Based
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    United States
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  • Big Apple Film Festival & Screenplay Competition
    New York, New York
    October 17, 2023
    Honorable Mention
Writer Biography - Melanie Hope Lang

Author biography specifying credentials:
Author of Seven Parents, Daughter to None: A Memoir
Writer of Adapted Screenplay Without Roots
BA of Science in Secondary English Education
MA of Art in Teacher Leadership: Reading & Writing Specialist
MA of Art in Teacher Leadership: Gifted & Talented Coordinator
17 years of experience teaching high school English, Honors English, and AP Seminar

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Writer Statement

I write about the truths, secrets, adversity, and voice all desperate to breathe freely. From the broken homes of six fathers, one mother, and foster care, emerged a fragile girl. After my escape from home and entering homelessness, my desire to live in a world I was taught not to trust set me on a journey few ever travel. I am a high school dropout, not by choice, but hold a BA and two Masters degrees in teacher leadership specializing in reading and writing for students with significant needs to gifted and talented students needing to be challenged. It is my story that I write to reach those who still struggle with moving forward and becoming the person they are meant to be.

After publishing my memoir, I was urged to adapt my writing to a screenplay. After all, most people who truly need to hear my message don’t read. My goal is to take the themes of acceptance, family, and redemption to the silver screen with relatable characters and scenes that provide an audience with validation of their own experiences. An idea I keep coming back to is spirituality. Even though I know I am intended for the teaching profession, I believe I have so much more to offer through writing and possibly directing one day. I plan to bring this idea with me in everything I create and cherish what it has brought me: hope. Without my faith, I would still be lost.