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Witch Water

Unable to move beyond childhood sexual transgressions, a trauma-plagued woman returns home to resurrect her long-dead assailant with the help of an ancient grimoire.

(Note for the reader: If the saying, "Holding onto anger is like swallowing poison and expecting it to kill your enemies" were to come to life in a film, I'd be honored to be the conduit in which that sage warning is shown to the world on the big screen.

Basically, a woman who's failing at life inherits the house she was abused in. She hooks up with the "swamp-with" and steals her grimoire to bring her grandfather back from the dead to torture him. Does it work? Sorta.

I hope you dig it.

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Writer Biography - Eva Berlin Sylvestre

(The movie poster image is SO me joking. I made a "wish board" and had someone 'shop me a wish.) Anyway! I'm a half-Thai/half-Irish woman who grew up in the Deep South, where this (often gruesome, but honest) horror takes place. I've always been in journalism (I've served as editor for 3 LGBTQ publications.) This year, in August, marks 10 years with my wife, Katherine.

I've lived a neat life, I think. I'm a really grateful person in spite of the hardship I had to go through writing this script which, I'll be honest, is almost autobiographical. :( It REALLY messed with me. But things got better. I'm happy it's out. And I'm just happy in general. That's what matters, no?

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Writer Statement

I wanted to write a letter (via screenplay) of love and of healing to all the women, men, and children out there who were violated by those they were supposed to love ... to trust. I wanted to show them that it's okay to feel the pain, to acknowledge the injustice and the rage within ... then to realize you don't have to live with it. There's a way to let it go. Within these pages, I hope the message is clear. I share my trauma in the hopes that you, too, will find your way out.

All My Love and Support,