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Winston Road

After the death of her brother, a feminist teenager must find a way to fit into her male dominated neighborhood or spend the summer painting her finger nails while the boys chase the trophy for the Summer Showdown.

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    Screenplay, Stage Play, Other
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    family, comedy, dramady
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Laurie has always been a storyteller from childhood. As a teen, she felt the draw to California. Despite the invitation from her father to plan the trip to LA, she found herself in a classroom, as a freshman, not knowing a soul. Her focus changed to social climbing. She had a great high school career and landed in college graduating with a fashion major and a business minor. Everything happens for a reason.

Laurie now had a newfound love for creativity, in fashion and analytics, working for a major retail corporation, L Brands, as a Buyer's Assistant. She was recruited across the country to be an analyst for a 5000 store shoe chain where she would climb again to a Planner, Associate Buyer, and be awarded Senior Associate Buyer title where she accepted the Chairman's Award for a team member who contributed most to the bottom line. She then decided to exit stage left and raise her two small children.

Shortly into that role, she realized her marriage was not much more than a stage play. She raised her children, got divorced, and chased a writing career in film.

She moved back to Cleveland, the land of the mini Hollywood, and immersed herself into the film industry there. She volunteered for CIFF 43, 44. She joined a monthly screenwriting group. She took acting classes to understand translating the script to screen with Houde Acting School, as well as an audition class with James Madio.

Laurie was becoming a well-crafted film student. She was cast by Angela Boehm Casting in Judas and the Black Messiah for background where she learned set etiquette and watched an Academy Award Nominated film be made. She also was part of The Russo Brothers Film, Cherry, with Tom Holland where her audio and visual debut was made with the words sparkling water. She attended a 40hr/wk film intensive for a month to learn set safety and understand audio, camera, production, and script supervising given by Hollywood Cast and Crew members of SAG and DGA. She has taken Masterclass with Aaron Sorkin, Mira Nair, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, and soon more. She has been a part of the SUNDANCE development track in Akron, Ohio in 2017, 2019, and online 2020.

Laurie has written a feature spec script, Winston Road, is working on a new script project, has written numerous shorts, and written and directed a short called Cold Feet. She has attended many ZOOM meetings with screenwriters across the country and is currently working with a manager to understand the next steps to breaking into production with her scripts.

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Writer Statement

As an accomplished woman in corporate fashion retail, Laurie has taken her drive and skill set to another level in the film industry. She has lived as a woman in business, during the rise of feminism. She knows, first handed, what it takes to climb the ladder of success with two children in tow and what happens when you exit to raise them full time. The narrative of who raises the next generation of men and women is at stake. Her experience and grit has given her the geist to figure out what new world of stories are yet to unfold. Join her on screen for advantures that will make you laugh, cry and want to stand up and make a difference in the world we all live.