Wilmington Female Filmmakers Collective is holding its third annual Film Festival. In our third year not only have we changed our festival name, but we have also opened our submissions to all of the US as well as international filmmakers. Although our name has changed, we have continued with our tradition of showcasing the works of female filmmakers in an effort to encourage and support our sister filmmakers. We are asking our sister filmmakers to share their films – narratives, docs, experimental, animation – we want to see it all. We want to show your films – we want to celebrate the power of female filmmakers!! This two-day laid back festival is all about films made by women.

Films must be complete, no longer than thirty minutes and must be directed by women.

Wilmington Female Filmmakers Collective is dedicated to cultivating a diverse environment where women can realize their artistic cinematic visions. While less than 10% of all films are made by women, by empowering each other through educational opportunities, mentoring, and a supportive creative community, WilmFFilm aims to galvanize and expand womens’ contribution to filmmaking.

Guidelines for submission:
-Films must be completed (no works in progress)
-Must be under 30 minutes
-Must be directed by a woman.
-Films and videos of any genre: narrative, documentary, animation, experimental
-Films must be submitted via an online submission method.

Overall Rating
  • Tiffany Albright

    This festival was such a blast! The whole team was on their game, and created a really fun and welcoming environment, with plenty of encouragement for us to meet and mingle with other filmmakers and audience members. Hope to be back many times!

    March 2019
  • Ana Bilic

    I didn't attend personally the festival in 2019, but afer my film was officially selected, the correspondence with the festival organization was fast, efficient and very friendly. The programme on the festival days was clear and concise and it was prepared long enough in advance, what can only please filmmakers and an audience as well. Well done, ladies!

    March 2019
  • An amazing festival! I am honored to have had my film: the Spirit Seam screened there! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the festival, but the organizers were incredible! I will definitely submit my next film to this festival as well!

    March 2019
  • Nathalie V

    Amazing festival, a great team and very good communication, very honored to have been part of the official selection!

    March 2019
  • Tracy Facelli

    LOVED this festival. Great communication, awesome staff and volunteers. They had cool things t do, Wilmington is a great town, and lots of support for this festival from the locals. Every screening was sold out or very close to it. Would totally enter again and go back.

    March 2019