Willow Skye-Biggs creates emotive works exploring questions about humanity, mental illness, the supernatural and the spiritual. Drawing on her personal lens as a lesbian, transgender and autistic person she is carving out a vital perspective in storytelling and multimedia art.
Willow has spent the better part of the past decade focusing on music projects, producing and releasing more than 30 albums. She was invited to perform at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona in 2009.
Since then she has expanded her focus to include physical media and presented a solo exhibition at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017 titled "Tastes Like Mandy" which combined sound, light, and sculpture into an immersive environment.
Willow is currently working on a number of screenplays and film projects including shorts, a feature film, a soap opera web series and a children's show. She is also designing the sound component for a video art NFT series in collaboration with visual artist Sage Paterson.
Willow spends most of her time with her 8 year old son staring at rivers and things that are far away.
Birth Date
March 12
Current City
Salt Lake City
Zodiac Sign