Williams Academy

Williams Academy follows the life of COLIN ANDERSON, a devoted if somewhat disillusioned educator from the Midwest, who relocates to New York City in search of a new start. He is hired to be Vice-Principal at Williams, where students of all socioeconomic backgrounds come for specialized instruction and a second chance. It is a place where diversity, tolerance & near-disaster are situation normal.

Colin arrives at his new job to find the school in disarray. A promising, popular student has just been sent home following a drug-fueled breakdown in the hallway. He and his boss, Principal MELANIE WILLIAMS, work to maintain calm while confronting the possibility that someone at school is dealing.

Enter MIKE BARBER, a 12th Grader whose privileged background and chronic tardiness led to him being homeschooled. For some reason this morning, Mike arrives unannounced at 8:30, looking for the girl who was just sent home. Suspicious of the coincidental timing, Colin and Melanie search Mike’s backpack and find what they presume to be drugs.

As this chaos simmers, Colin teaches, takes attendance and does his best to equitably enforce the rules. Yet he soon realizes that even Williams is not immune to the unfair realities of modern education. Colin must navigate a series of crises and outbursts through an unfamiliar system that coddles wealthy children while underserving the needs of their poorer classmates. What’s more, there’s a ‘curse’ that’s said to linger in the building - is he in over his head?

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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Austin Revolution Film Festival
    Austin, TX
    September 7, 2019
    Comedy of The Year
  • European Film Festival - Mainstream & Underground
    Moscow, Russia
    September 10, 2019
    Best Short Screenplay
Writer Biography

Former Teacher, now Actor, Model and first-time Screenwriter, Colin Mulligan was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied acting at John Burroughs School under the tutelage of long-time performer and director Wayne Salomon. Colin appeared in several of the school's performances, including 'Grease' and 'The Black Comedy.' He also produced and hosted a charity talent show with the help of fellow JBS grad Jon Hamm, who had returned to the school as a post-graduate instructor.

Colin continued his theater studies at the University of Virginia, where he also lettered in varsity football. However, due to the time demands of college athletics, he was unable to appear in any of the drama department's theatrical productions. After completing his Master's Degree in Political Science, Colin then entered what he calls his 'Wandering Hippie Phase,' spending much of the next several years journeying across Africa, the Middle East and Tibet.

With renewed purpose and a haircut, Colin found his way to New York City in 2007. While working as a teacher and Vice-Principal, he was "scouted" on the streets of Manhattan, an unlikely event which led to his signing with top international modeling agency Wilhelmina NYC. Since then, Colin has featured in fashion and advertising campaigns around the world, including for such clients as: Cadillac, Tommy Hilfiger, Ducati, Samsung, HSBC, Botox, Century 21 & many others.

Since making the transition into acting, Colin has appeared in a variety of on-screen and on-stage productions. He played 'Head Shaman Ted' in the BET+ Series, 'First Wives Club,' and Jesus Christ in the YES-TV miniseries 'Daughters of Eve.' On-stage, Colin appeared as Sattar (the interrogator) in the NYC off-Broadway production of J. Paul Deratany's acclaimed play, 'Haram! Iran!' He also featured in the independent films 'All the Beautiful Things,' and 'Overruled.'

Colin is based in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife, the artist and fashion designer Masha D'yans. He plays guitar, bass and keyboards, is an avid surfer, loves to cook and practices yoga daily. Colin speaks several languages proficiently, including French, Spanish, Russian & Arabic (MSA).

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