Experiencing Interruptions?

Why not?

We lost! As humans, as humanity.
But still, there's hope. Try to reach out, no matter if you know them well or not; because your asking "how was your day", "how are you doing?" can give someone a sense of warmth.
I never thought I'll post this video at a time like this, and although I was thinking to post it but not just when someone lost his life.

Over 800,000 people die due to suicide every year and that's a fact stated by WHO on mental health.
But why?

There can be a lot of people around you and still not a single soul that can give you the warmth and love it takes. Every time, every time I see or hear about an incident related to mental health I immediately go back to the room (mentally) where I witnessed the dark side of the mind, the place where, on the outside, it is all smiles, and warm gestures but inside it kills you, rots you.
Empathy, care, love, a conversation (where you listen) are a few of the things that can help.
As humans, have we lost empathy?? Even my dog understands it when I and my mum are talking and the tone isn't right. What is wrong with us, I mean how hard it is for us to just be kind and good to everyone around and give them a good time.
It is so hard for us to not talk badly, stop giving someone a hard time, and give them a safe space?
It's important for us to create a safe space for people to be themselves, to help them open up but before you do that I want you to promise yourself to create a safe space for yourself first and that while helping someone else make sure you don't affect your own mental health.
The last thing, why we share posts about mental health, why do we start creating lists, questions, videos, and similar stuff only when somebody dies, or something happens that is inside the circle of mental health and is a "statement" now?
Can we not care for the entire time? Can't we be just good and kind?

  • Rohit agrawal
  • Rohit Agrawal
  • Rohit Agrawal
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    क्यों नहीं?
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