Why Did Director Kim Joo-sung Go To The Immigration Office with Widdy in Person

Wonju DB won 94-79 against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation on the 3rd, winning the opening five consecutive games. Diddrick Lawson, who is leading the DB's scary rise, played 37 minutes and 12 seconds and played with 21 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 blocks.

Lawson was able to rest more comfortably than any other game in the two minutes and 48 seconds he was benched. Because Jeff Widdy was standing on the court. Of course, Widdy's physical condition was not perfect yet, so he played for a long time, but it was different from other games that he had a foreign player to support his back.

DB recruited Widdy instead of Garrison Brooks, who suddenly complained of knee pain. Brooks was diagnosed at a KBL designated hospital for two weeks, but some even said that it is a failure to play until the game.

DB sent Brooks out and recruited Widdy. Even though Widdy entered the country on the evening of the 1st, he was able to play after registering as a player before the game with the Korea Gas Corporation.

Usually, when replacing a foreign player, the club prepares various preparations for player registration before entering the country. Nevertheless, participation is often delayed due to delayed visa issuance. If Widdy failed to register as a player by the 3rd, he would not be able to play against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis on the 5th.

DB rushed Widdy's player registration process and eventually completed it by the 3rd. DB coach Kim Joo-sung also played a part in this A DB official said, "The team moved to Daegu on the 2nd, and coach (Kim Joo-sung) went directly to the competent entrance office with Widdy," adding, "He cooperates well, but it is unusual that the visa came out in a day." It usually takes two to three days. The director went and asked for a favor himself, so it worked out well," he said.

When asked why he accompanied Widdy to the immigration office ahead of the game with the Korea Gas Corporation, head coach Kim Joo-sung said, "We went together and just stood (laughs). He said, "He's a basketball player." So yeah. I arrived around 9:20. I picked it as No. 1 and did it right away, he said. "I was wondering if it would be helpful. The players played so well that I felt like I had to do something (laughs). It's not like I'm having a hard time. I thought it would be necessary to make such efforts," he replied.

As for the reason for recruiting Widdy, head coach Kim Joo-sung said, "He is also a experienced (KBL) player and has a height. I'm going to ask you to pay attention to defense, blocks, and rebounds. "Because my body is thin, I will use it such as a dive or a mid-range shot from 2-2 rather than technical skills," he said. "I need to see (the game), but I think it will be okay." Even if it's bad, Lawson will run for more than half an hour. "I explained it well to Widdy and asked him to run hard when he went into the court." If Widdy has more time to work with his teammates, Lawson can focus on the game in his physical arrangement.

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