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A young teenage orphan boy who lives on earth but is from a different planet. He knows nothing of his parents or where he’s from. He needs to get to the planet and save it from and evil being out to destroy it.

  • Joseph Smith
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    Sci-Fi, fantasy, action & Adventure
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    United States
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  • Joseph Smith
Writer Biography - Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith is young man from Houston and on August 10, 2018 he decided to chase his dreams and move to California. Joseph always had a passion for comedy. In high school he was known for making funny videos on social media. That’s when he discovered his gift off acting and screenwriting. His freshman year at Texas Southern University he begin writing his own movie scripts. After he finished the script he then drove to California so that he can let the world see a different side of him with his writing.

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Writer Statement

I’m NOT looking for any handouts. I need someone to show me where to go and who to talk too and I’ll take care the rest. I’m very confident in myself and my work.