Mission Statement:

While almost every film festival celebrates cinematic achievement, this festival stands to honor talented filmmakers who may have screwed up. We all have made bad films, even the greats! The old adage about learning more from loss than victory is true; We learn more from our bad films and here we believe that your efforts should count for something more than a hard lesson learned. You put in the time, the effort, the blood, sweat, and tears, and you deserve something for that!

Once a year we want to step back and remember to laugh at ourselves, and to encourage each other by showing our support for everyone's piece of poop movie. Consider this festival the closure to your bad project as you set out to make a really great one.

You can purchase tickets to the event including the Awards ceremony and Roast of the filmmakers at our website: Whoopsfilmfestival.com

Worst Short Film - Trophy
WTF was that? - Trophy
Worst Documentary - Trophy
We Just Lost A Minute of Our Lives - Trophy
Worst Director - Trophy
Worst Screenplay - Trophy
Worst Actor - Trophy
Worst Actress - Trophy
Worst Supporting Actor - Trophy
Worst Supporting Actress - Trophy
Audience Least Favorite Choice Award

1) - Films must have been completed after December 31st, 1999.

2) - Films must be submitted by someone credited at the end of the film as one of the following titles: Director, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer, 1st AD, UPM.
Any submissions by someone without one of these titles will be rejected automatically.

3) - Each accepted film will receive one free admission to the festival but any other cast or crew in attendance will each pay the discounted admission fee for the actual event.

4) - By submitting a film, you are hereby guaranteeing Whoops Film Festival the rights to publicly display your film at a screening for profit.

5) - Whoops Film Festival can not be held accountable for defamation, or any other criminal act involving the perceived negativity around the submitted film or its participants.

6) - Films must be submitted as a downloadable file. Not DVDs, Blu-Rays, VHS, Links, or any other form of media.

7) Each individual can submit more than one film but with separate entry fees for each one.

Overall Rating
  • Gerald Saul

    I wish I'd been able to attend to screen my work. It sounds from all accounts to have been tremendously fun as it is being run by open minded people who believe that film making and film viewing is about pleasure. This is a great idea for a festival. I feel certain that there must be people tweeting, blogging, and snapchatting about it while it was happening, but the website wasn't sharing the links or hashtags. Hopefully someone will ramp up communication for the festival in the future.

    April 2017