White shadow

“Hayat”, a newly hired employee in the Atelier for selling and renting wedding dresses_ seeks to rent one of the dresses that came to the atelier to several brides by deceiving them as her manager ordered her and convincing her customers that the dress is a first-time rental category in order to get a percentage of the rent for each time she succeeds in renting it as promised by her manager, and also to prove that she can manage the atelier during her manager's travel period, which proves her ability to succeed in anything she entrusts to her and changes the stereotype about her that she does not succeed in anything.
Hayat succeeds in renting the dress to several girls, including Yasmine and Maryam, even though she knows that there is only night between the wedding dates of both girls, but she continues to deceive them in her desire to obtain the reward, but her deception is discovered, and she ends up losing her job and the gains she made.

  • Tuqa Ahmed Saad
  • Tuqa Ahmed Saad
  • Tuqa Ahmed Saad
  • Lojayana Mostafa
    Key Cast
  • Rewan El-Masry
    Key Cast
  • Gharam El-Kilany
    Key Cast
  • Rasha Fathy
    Key Cast
    "Sabah (Yasmine's mother)"
  • Enas Salah
    Key Cast
    "Wagida ((Yasmine's mother in low)"
  • Salma Mohsen
    Key Cast
  • Nahla Fathy
    Key Cast
  • Noha Abdullah
    Key Cast
    "Mona (Mariam's aunt)"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    11 minutes
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Tuqa Ahmed Saad

I am a filmmaker and photographer. I studied Media then I joined several filmmaking workshops, until I joined the Jesuit Cinema School in Alexandria, but the path of study changed, and I became one of "The school-less 9" and we made our films based on what we have learned during the journey of making our first films, including my film White shadow.

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Director Statement

This film is a personal experience that I went through during a period in my life that was rich with different stories, characters, and situations that reached the point of contradiction, so it remained stuck in my memory and I wanted to narrate it through the film.
Each of the main characters in the film refers to the fears of the girls I met during that period, and these concerns revolve around their quest to prove themselves and the search for safety and stability as well as the recognition of their ideas despite the struggles and restrictions imposed on them by society.
I also wanted to show through the film their struggle with the older generations of women who were forced to shape their lives in a way that contradicted what they wanted because of these restrictions. Rather, they pushed their daughters to shape their lives according to the restrictions they suffered from instead of helping their daughters overcome those restrictions.