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White Fox - Screenplay

The film tells the story that after the Marquise Leonora rejected the nobleman Ole, he reunited with Queen Irma. They visit an old evil witch to cast a spell on a beautiful marquise and turn it into a white fox. After the witch casts a curse, the beautiful Marquise undergoes a terrible transformation. From the image of a beautiful girl to a white fox. She is in the woods where she has to spend three years, and can only spend a year as a woman. She is extremely sad about it, but she will have to get used to the harsh conditions in the forest. She gets used to the forest world and eventually becomes the ruler of the forest. All the animals are her friends. Once, many, many years later, she meets the handsome Prince Oxan here, but she is like a fox. She falls in love with him. Will she be forever freed from the curse under the influence of true love?
"Dedicated to my dad who always called me - fox"
(D. Diverno)

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