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AUTHOR: Sonny Rios

LOGLINE: In this historical/fiction story, a young pioneer, zealous of his faith, must overcome his mother’s hatred of Indians and a Brave's hatred of whites, as he seeks to lead the war chief of the Cherokee, to faith in Jesus Christ, thus, avoiding a bloody warpath. Things become exceedingly problematic when the pioneer boy and the war chief’s daughter fall in love, causing the pioneer’s mother to have a near nervous breakdown and the Brave to retaliate, since he considers the girl his woman.

SUMMARY: Adam McLemore, against his mother’s wishes, continues to associate with Gray Wolf; the war chief; and, in time, falls in love with his daughter, Little Dove. She’s a beautiful, free-spirited woman, who shuns the traditional Cherokee long dress for knee length fringed dresses—just like her beautiful mother. The girl will choose her own man, even if he is white, and will go as far as to follow his God.

Young Bear will utilize Little Dove's love-affair with Adam to bring reproach to the war chief and pave the way for his attempted takeover as war chief.

The government’s responsibility of negotiating with the natives on their removal to Indian Territory has been placed upon Colonel Andrew Jackson. But Jackson’s egomaniacal ways bring an abrupt ending to the negotiations. This is the chance Young Bear has been waiting for.

After much intrigue, things change when Young Bear’s heart is captivated by Sarah, Adam’s sister, who finds him severely beaten up by whites, who think he stole a cow, and she attends to him. Love blossoms between the two, bringing about the reconciliation of Young Bear with Adam and his family, and culminating in a double wedding.

All seems to be going peacefully, when a detachment of the United States Army is sent to forcibly remove the Cherokee from their land. A battle ensues, and the Army is routed. This serves to make the Cherokee see the necessity of leaving for Indian Territory before another battle is fought in which the outcome could be different.

© 2020 by Sonny Rios

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Writer Biography - Sonny Rios

SONNY RIOS is a graduate of The University of North Texas, where he studied with the renowned Metropolitan Opera tenor, Eugene Conley, and the renowned interpreter of comic opera, Edward Baird.
Ríos has traveled extensively as a sacred and classical concert artist, and has sung across the USA, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. He has also sung in Canada, and at least twenty-five countries in Europe and Central- and South America.
Ríos's expertise in teaching vocal production in all genres is constantly being sought by recording studios and talent agents seeking vocal help for their clients. Thus, we find students of all ages coming from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, the state of Texas, and surrounding states, and as far away as New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and the likes, to study with Mr. Ríos.
Ríos has also served on the panel of judges for vocal competitions and talent searches sponsored by radio stations, such as KISS-FM, La Voz Kids (sponsored by The Voice), The Miss Teen Dallas/Fort Worth pageant, and schools, such as Booker T. Washington Arts Magnate. Sonny also served as a judge for The Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theater Awards, and Enkor International Competition.

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Writer Statement

WHIRLWIND RAGING is a project that was fun to write. Being half Cherokee, I made certain that historical events were included in the script with fiction surrounding each. The script, which is family oriented, has intrigue, drama, love, and interracial marriage sans bad language and sex. The fierce battle scene at the end, may be deleted to make the film more family friendly if so desired.