The Whimsical Times Film Festival presents new films made by kids and for kids that are under 10 minutes in length and do not contain any reference to business of any kind. We prefer films that do not contain mustard or milk. The festival showcases comedy, animation, scary movies, action movies but nothing boring like history or math. The festival is made by youth from Wilmington, North Carolina who are taking classes at the DREAMS Center for Arts Education. This year's festival will be held at Jengo's Playhouse in downtown Wilmington.

Stay tuned for a full list of the awards that will be given out at this year's festival.

The Whimsical Times Film Festival accepts any film under 10 minutes that is appropriate for a youth audience. No mustard and no milk. We're looking for comedies, animation, scary movies, action movies, but nothing boring like history or math. And also we do not throw cats but it is allowed in the video as long as no cats are harmed. Please add subtitles if your film needs them. No hateful films. Something interesting with not too many facts would be nice. Nothing too serious. No business movies.