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Where the Pomegranate Tree Grows

It follows unkempt, dazed, and aimless middle-aged Sofia from oppression to obsession and how she desperately tries to make now her marriage work and have a child at any cost. She has become a bystander in her own life. However, infidelity and the difficulty of conceiving force her to reevaluate her life. Sofia reluctantly returns home when her husband wants to take a break from the relationship. There, she is forced to deal with a past she escaped from, leading her to discover secrets that kept her trapped.

Isolated from those around her, she begins a long journey navigating loss, trauma, abuse, and an identity crisis while working through fractious relationships with her husband and abusive mother. It's a deeply personal, searing, and transcendent story of a woman learning to find herself after years of trying to be everything to everyone. Sofia discovers the true intentions of those from her past, leading her to break away from the toxic traumatic cycle. Sofia fights to have the joyous creative life and family she always dreamt of as a child.

  • Adriana Maria Gallegos
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Writer Biography - Adriana Maria Gallegos

She started her career in broadcast journalism as a TV reporter in Texas, covering stories about border security and immigration. She later reported on issues affecting the youth and education for other media outlets. After her reporting days, she worked in communication, government affairs, events management, digital marketing, video production, and public affairs. She has worked at many large multinational companies and organizations to effectively communicate their key messages to diverse target audiences, both externally and internally. She's also a native Spanish speaker with an intermediate conversational level of Italian, which has helped to deliver strong messages and stories that resonated well with the diverse Spanish-speaking communities and others. After twenty years of working in communication and journalism, she has taken a leap of faith to start a new career in film/screenwriting. She has always been a storyteller, but she's now decided to try to put her many stories on the big screen.

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