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When It Comes Knocking

You Never Really Know Your Neighbors... Sasha crosses paths with human traffickers, she and her children must fight to survive when get an uninvited visit.

  • Sheabria Gills
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Sheabria Gills

Screenwriter/Director/Singer/Songwriter/Rapper and Mother with a passion for doing anything her heart desires. A Chicago Native, her writing, creativity and versatility is truly groundbreaking as she is breaking barriers. Being a trail blazer, paving the way for others after her, she believes you can’t be successful in something until you do it, you can’t gain experience in something until you do it so let’s become Doers and create your own Future!

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Writer Statement

I wrote “When It Comes Knocking” for all the people that has been trafficked and still are. To those that have gone missing due to human trafficking, I want to spread awareness and highlight how easy it is to cross paths with the wrong person, even if you think they are your friendly neighbor.