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What is love?

What is love?

It is a video installation that analyzes love in various forms and contexts.
Starting from nature, the cicada's life cycle is used here as a metaphor for addressing the themes of life, love, pain and death within the evolutionary process.

The larva of the cicada lives in the subsoil for a period ranging from one to seventeen years.
The nymph, having become mature, thanks to the front limbs comes out of the ground and reaches the nearest tree where a slow phase of metamorphosis will begin in which the cicada will emerge from its exuvia, also called Mother Cicala, to become an adult in all respects.
The life of the cicada lasts one summer only. During those days it feeds very little: the male goes in search of the female, trying to attract her with the chirping of his organ, to reproduce and carry on the species.
They both die shortly after mating and oviposition.

There is a thin thread that links the life cycle of the cicada to the religious and spiritual context, often considered in many cultures the emblem of the resurrection.
The figure of the humanized Christ, who is sent to certain death through the passages of the Via Crucis, to then finally rise again.
Birth, Mother, family, metamorphosis, sexuality, pain, suffering, death, and still birth.

What is love? The observer is free to investigate.
In the background the chirping of cicadas.

  • Monica Lasagni
  • Monica Lasagni
  • Monica Lasagni
  • Alba Gorni Silvestrini
    Key Cast
  • Valentina Lasagni
    Key Cast
  • Monica Lasagni
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Che cos'è l'amore?
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Short, Other
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 20 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Italian
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Monica Lasagni