What is Love?

An experimental film exploring the idea that fashion reflects the love and appreciation we could have for each other if we try.

  • Warren Wayne
    The Entity, Mars is Scary
  • Warren Wayne
  • Miss Roses
    Spoken Word
  • Josef Pres
    Digital Beats
  • Warren Wayne
  • Josef Pres
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 11 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 19, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Varese Film Festival
    August 1, 2021
    Italian Premiere
    Official Selection
  • Noble International Film Festival and Awards
    September 1, 2021
    Official Selection
  • lifft india
Director Biography - Warren Wayne

Warren’s professional career began in the mid 1980s in the motion picture industry, after relocating to Vancouver to work in the film business. His entrepreneurial career began in the late 1980’s when he co-founded Cyberflex Films, the only optical film effects and animatronics company in Canada. The company specialized in on screen special effects, animatronics and motion control effects for feature films, commercials and television. The technology was based on designs utilized on the first Star Wars film and later developed for the original Star Trek feature film.

Cyberflex completed work for clients such as Much Music, Air Canada and Ikea. Other projects were developed through New Line Cinema and Columbia Pictures. By the early 1990s Mr. Wayne had moved into film production where he worked full time for 18 years. Warren’s credits include 20TH Century Fox, Cannell Films, HBO Television, ABC Television, Universal Pictures, Miramax, NBC Television, Viacom and Paramount Pictures. He also worked in commercial television production, completing over 100 commercials in production, creation and direction. Clients include General Motors, Coca Cola, Toyota, Master Card and many others as well as the ad agencies that created them. Warren has worked for some of the largest agencies in the world from New York to Tokyo Japan.

In 1998 Mr. Wayne established Voyager Films, the company later went public as part of a consolidation. Warren was president of the company’s music label Street Solid Records in Los Angeles as well as Project Development and Foreign Film Sales President. The Music division produced and distributed primarily rap and hip hop, distributing artists such as Big Hutch, whose music was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto, RBX, Above the Law, and Atlantic Star. The company also produced music for films such as Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The company distributed music by Rapper Father MC, as well as the sound track to the film “ Fakin’ Da Funk ” starring Pam Grier and Margret Cho.

The company’s music division was very successful, doubling sales estimates year one. As part of the company’s over-all strategy, the label was sold to a New York based private equity fund two years later. The company also developed streaming technology, used by International film distributors as well as Sports Illustrated and was the first streaming company in North America dedicated to pay-per- view, a business model launched many years later by Netflix. The company hit a market-cap of over $100,000,000 by the end of year one. The streaming division was sold year 3 to investors in New York. Mr. Wayne parlayed his experiences in finance and corporate development into other business ventures.

Warren has traveled throughout much of the world and has photographed the Bushman of the Kalahari Desert in Africa and has travelled to the jungles of Borneo. He was the first Canadian in history to land on Bouvet Island in the Antarctic Convergence as part of a 1997 expedition, an island only visited a handful of times in human history. It is the most remote island in the world and considered to be one of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Islands. Other expedition locations include the Falkland Islands, Ushuaia Argentina, South Georgia Island, all of Central America, South East Asia and the South Sandwich Islands first discovered by Captain James Cook in 1775. Warren has been on expeditions from rounding the Drake Passage through Cape Horn to the Cape of Good Hope.

Warren's photographs from his travels have won numerous Peer Review Awards, Editorial Awards and a Celebrity Status Award in the USA. Recently he has been awarded Best Super Short Sci-fi at the Berlin Flash Film Festival for The Entity, while Mars is Scary was an Official Selection of the Lift-Off Awards at Pinewood Studio's London.

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Director Statement

There's an elegance that exists in fashion that comes through in our emotion and relationships. How you view yourself affects everything we do and so fashion fills an important role in life.