What are the most important CIA metrics? AL calls are overwhelming, but NL is a national era

Garrett Cole of the New York Yankees is the most likely pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in this year's American League.

As of the 15th (Korea Standard Time), Cole ranks first in AL pitches (156⅔ innings), second in ERA (2.76), and third in strikeouts (166), and in the case of ERA, he can regain the top spot by only 0.07 difference from Texas Rangers' Nathan Ivaldi (2.69). Ivaldi is on the injured list on the 31st of last month due to a right arm injury, and Ivaldi, who recently completed two bullpen pitches, plans to decide when to return when bullpen pitching and live pitching are successfully completed. Currently, he is expected to return after the 20th of this month.

In the end, looking at his pitching, physical condition, and recent pace, it seems that Cole has crossed the 8th ridge toward the Cy Young Award. In fact, in a mock vote announced by MLB.com on the 16th, 38 out of 49 people, including reporters and analysts, cast first place votes for Cole.

'Cole is making his best season since moving to the Yankees. 1 in pitched innings in the AL, he can throw 213 innings, a career high. 'The strikeout rate (9.56) is the lowest level since 2017 (8.69). He finished in the top five five times in the Cy Young Award voting, but never finished first. If the current atmosphere is the same, there is a high possibility that such bad luck will change.”

Following Cole, Kevin Gaussman of the Toronto Blue Jays took second place with six first-place votes, and Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels took third place with two first-place votes. In the case of Ohtani, the hit rate (0.185) ranks first in both leagues.

On the other hand, in the National League (NL), there is no leading pitcher. Arizona Diamondbacks Jack Gallen took first place with 14 votes out of 49, but San Diego Padres Blake Snell, who took second place, received more first-place votes with 21. Chicago Cubs Justin Steel (5 first-place votes) was third, and Atlanta Braves Spencer Strider (9 first-place votes) was fourth.

In the case of Galen, he has been hitting career highs since his major league debut in 2019. He has no dominant division, ranking 4th in wins (12 wins), 4th earned run average (3.24), 3rd in innings pitched (155⅔), and 3rd in strikeouts (165) in the NL. However, WHIP (1.07) ranks first in the NL. Although it is said to be the most advanced, the public sentiment of the voting group can change at any time.

Snell's ERA is 2.63, and although he ranks first in both leagues, he doesn't stand out much. This is because he ranks 15th in the NL in innings pitched, and his starting average innings pitched is 5.42, which is the 8th lowest among 61 pitchers who have exceeded the regulation innings. In addition, his control is inconsistent as he gave an average of 5.4 walks in 9 innings.

Steele competed for two weeks last June due to arm pain, but in 22 games this season, he has 13 wins and 3 losses, an average ERA of 2.79, and 120 strikeouts, continuing his performance as the Cubs' ace.

The pitcher to keep an eye on is Strider. He threw 139⅓ innings in 24 games and recorded a record of 13 wins and 4 losses, an average ERA of 3.75, 217 strikeouts, a WHIP of 1.12, and a batting average of 0.213. More than 200 are being marked.

As of this day, Strider has an average strikeout rate of 14.02 in 9 innings, ranking second in history in this category. The first place is 14.20 recorded by Shane Spencer of the Cleveland Guardians in 2020, but at the time it was a 60-game shortened season, so in reality, the Strider should be considered the first place ever.

After all, the NL has to watch the competition until the end of the season. If Zack Gallen lowers his earned run average to the 2-point range, he's a strong candidate.

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