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What Is dIGIHIRO? Full Film Snynopsis
10 tortured souls, believed to be unconnected runaway strangers, either reported missing or wanted by authorities are tracked attending a unique social event called dIGIHIRO. Before the night ends they suddenly vanish again together without a trace.

With fears of an imminent threat becoming real, Detective Noizulli an intelligent and opinionated young criminal psychologist is assigned to uncover the case. While determined to find the truth through the interrogation of a fascinatingly passionate prime suspect Tia, it's clear all is not as it seems.

As the event is pieced together from multiple perspectives using old and tampered surveillance footage, a vivid world conducted by music is born, twisting our moods and beliefs on what happened during the last minutes before these strangers disappeared.

To protect the public questions need to be answered fast like who are the now infamously titled 'Zen 10' and why did they decide to make contact in public now? It appears that Noizulli will only discover this if he is able to break down his suspect emotionally to then crack her riddle 'what is dIGIHIRO?'

  • Tony Amore
  • Tony Amore
  • Tony Amore
  • Marissa Shakia
    Key Cast
    "Tia Godwhir"
  • Alex Morey-Wiseman
    Key Cast
    "Detective Noizulli"
  • Paul 'Substance' Lowell
    Key Cast
    "Emre Bey"
  • Ben Lawley
    Key Cast
    "Eli Olive"
  • Tony Amore
    Key Cast
    "Eamon Whyte "
  • Sam Bender
    Key Cast
    "Katie Hope Drumete "
  • Jazzmin Fletcher
    Key Cast
    "Sue Torn"
  • Michael Green
    Key Cast
    "Avery Levingdon"
  • Adrian Searle
    Key Cast
    "Ali Beg Inane"
  • Dan Brown
    Key Cast
    "Ige Onioke"
  • Ines Horozovic
    Key Cast
    "Aime Ilinton"
  • Justin Ryan
    Key Cast
    "Harry Felton"
  • Ben Lawley
  • AJ Singh
  • Ben Lawley
  • Tony Amore
  • DIGIHIRO (T. Amore, P. Lowell)
    Music Soundtrack
  • LCamz (Leon Campbell)
    Music Sound Mixing
  • Crossflow Recordings (Karl Morey)
    Music Mastering
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Feature, Music Video
  • Genres:
    Drama, Psychological Thriller, Musical
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 52 minutes 25 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 7, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 GBP
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Tony Amore

Born in 1979. Tony Amore always dreamed of being an artist, writer and performer. Inspired by music that developed the emotional architecture of a young mind. Tony Amore embarked on a mission to inspire people. He just didn't know how he would start.

Towns like Bedford, don't make superstars or artists, we've been told. Artists can only come from cities with oppressed areas or places of privilege. Tony and his close friends did not believe that. They believed that even from a town outside of London, they had a voice. They had a message. They had a vision, to blend art, entertainment and a message to remain positive, even in the darkest moments.

Dreams into reality. Tony always had thoughts, thoughts into prose, trying to turn it into diverse lyrics through demos and demo albums, but something was missing, a yin to the yang, a someone; Paul "Substance" Lowell came into his life in 2004 and 2Planets was formed, built on the convergence of two souls, destined to collaborate on music, but also developed an understanding of the type of music they wanted to put out into the world. They would write, the songs that would play out on the radio, but within the carefully constructed lyrics was messages, like all the best works of art, there was underlying themes within, themes that caused you to listen not just once, but many more times. These were layers made by 2Planets, layers of consequence, layers of thinking and emotion, that enthralled listeners, but even more galvanised these two artists to push themselves emotionally and creatively. In 2011 they expanded their horizons in content and in doing so changed name to dIGIHIRO (digital heroes). A brand describing the Y generation (the digital generation) as heroes and pioneers that understand the world before the internet well enough to embrace a digital generation into the future, mixing nostalgia with modern sounds and visuals. A call to arms for all the digital generation’s heroes to stand up against an internet world of apathy.

It started with the production, working closely with producers layering beats and loops with their language. To conflate the mind with ears. It is not just about the words with dIGIHIRO, the music has to catch your ear. The music has to make you feel. The exhilaration of fast beat equally matched by the MC, the slower piano and guitar solos that would guide your souls into their world. Like every good artist, Tony and Paul always challenged their narrative. Always pushing themselves into a new emotional territory, real life experiences blended into songs that were in turns meaningful memories that would last forever.

From 2003 to 2010 with albums released, Tony and 2planets/dIGIHIRO kept on pushing the envelope, finding new things to muse about, cry about, shout about and express to their fullest emotions. Then an idea that would change everything. A visual concept called To Live The Life: In The Space Of A Day. dIGIHIRO's music always had a visual quality, but what about an actual film that showed the development of their experimentation, music and showed an actual character's arc throughout a day. Shot over the spring of 2013 entirely on mobile phone, Tony embarked on a mission to try and create another idea. A visual concept that actually became a cinematic narrative, while still using a self-produced album that would stand on its own (2010’s concept album ‘How To Overcome Mental Barriers’).

The tracks and chapters told the story of one character going through the highs and lows in life in one day, reflected by text messaging, the music of the album with the directing, editing and performances of the film. To Live The Life: In The Space Of A Day was able to tell a story, a short film with no vocal lines of dialogue, but was all text messages, all performance and showed the world what dIGIHIRO was capable of. The experience gained from the film led to an even bolder idea. Instead of one album, the new project would involve two albums all put into one film, written specifically to complement each other.

‘What is dIGIHIRO’ (feature film) and ‘To Live The Life’ (Soundtrack album) blended together into this one monumental project which has been almost three years in the making. It has all culminated in this one wonderful project utilising hand crafted effects by exciting VFX supervisor Ben Lawley. What is dIGIHIRO is larger in scope and is more complex as a result of performances unfolding intricate plot through music and character. That the two always go hand in hand. What is dIGIHIRO wants to challenge you, wants to entertain you and wants to move you. By the end you will know the answer to the question ‘What is dIGIHIRO’ and you will want to know a whole lot more.

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Director Statement

I made 'what is dIGIHIRO' because I'm totally inspired by all interpretations of inner freedom and how sometimes they can work together to crush depression and outwardly liberate.

Mental health is something I have always taken very seriously, being depressed on and off pretty much since I can remember and seeing my eldest brother suffer through undiagnosed Asperger’s, battling issues, bullying, self-doubt and unemployment. I have developed an empathy for people with psychological and physical barriers having nearly ended my own life through the consumption of negative perspectives.

What kept me alive and fighting was the belief that there is a peace out there, a peace where your demons are not locked in a basement while you live with the fear of their escape but a belief where these demons are understood and transformed in to allies through knowledge and wisdom. I've been taken briefly to that peace through my own dreams and through entertainment; the shared visions of brilliant, talented, brave and thought-provoking musicians and filmmakers who have influenced and anchored my mood projecting a grateful past or a bright future.

I've always considered myself an underdog not because I look for excuses due to my background, education of lack of financial support but because my passions and dreams always led me down the route of the 'hard way'. Tradition suggests in this 'hard way' you will fight an institution of apathy where you can't win, people will not accept you or nobody cares about your struggle. I'm stubborn enough to believe I can change people's minds and perceptions through music, film and entertainment simply because of how it transformed my perceptions and what I believed was possible that kept me fighting.

It is clear music can change moods but to this day it surprises me that it is hardly used to changed moods for the better. In a world obsessed with money we are exploited to promote being cool, being rich or being ignorant as bliss when we know deep down that superficial social acceptance, wealth and a lack of understanding cannot break us free from our psychological barriers. My goal is for people to talk about the power of a simple melody, beat or lyric again but also to somehow see sound onscreen in a way which raises its influence on our mood. With that I want people to see how a crew of rough round the edges first timers can entertain and hopefully inspire viewers, I want viewers to take all these positives while seeing 'what is dIGIHIRO' for what it is; an original film and soundtrack with honest, genuine intentions made by perceived 'nobodies' and funded by 1. A man earning less than the UK average salary and by 2. A lot of favours from some truly amazing underdogs.

The vision has been made real by hard work and friends yet to fully realise their talent and potential. May this be only the beginning of a beautiful journey for all of us.