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What Happens In Comedy

Kelda attends a little open mic to support her comedian friend, Ensio, while she has a desire to do stand-up comedy herself. Disappointing in finding out Ensio wants her to help him take notes instead of encouring her to do stand-up, she reluctantly agrees to it and starts writing notes about the different comedians throughout the night. It becomes an ongoing gig that the comedians interact with the "note-taker", and she starts to gain confidence in her quick responses to the comedians. That is until one specific comedian gets a little cheekier than others and the unwritten contract between performer and audience is broken.

  • Lina Csillag
  • Lina Csillag
  • Lina Csillag
  • Una Golmen
    Key Cast
  • Eirik Hallert
    Key Cast
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Comedy
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes 6 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 22, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    2,400 USD
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Director Biography - Lina Csillag

I will keep this (auto)biography as short as possible:
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1995, my parents decided to move to Denmark when I was almost six. My mom is Danish, hence the move.
Since I was little I had strong desire to help people. When my dad let me know about the Holocaust at the age of six, because we are Jewish, I just couldn’t comprehend that such unfairness existed. It seemed surreal, and it developed a very strong sense of justice in me.
Despite wanting to be a Doctor, like my father, I always loved to entertain people through shows and films. In school I made a big show out of every presentation – I wanted the audience to be blown away every single time. But I never really dared to say, I wanted to become a film maker, because it was too unrealistic and dreamlike, I was told.
Fast-forward to 2015 and I was 19, where I hit a wall. I experienced my first, and so far only, existential crisis, found out I was on the complete wrong path in my life. Was going to be a hardcore business-woman in order to be rich and happy. That was the goal. But that goal seemed pretty stupid and meaningless when I zoomed out in the picture of my life, and saw, I was willing to sacrifice a big chunk of it in exchange for an illusion of what a happy life was. I found back to my roots about wanting to help other people, and at the same time, wanting to express myself and my new-found thoughts about life. That’s when I decided – over night - I wanted to be a film maker. It seemingly came out of the blue, and people around me kinda laughed at my choice to start with, because it seemed so absurd and so un-like me, but for me, I had never been so sure of anything else in my life.

I knew it was going to get hard starting out, and it was kind of tough scraping money to make indie-productions on the side of a full-time study (I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School), but luckily – due to my Brazilian background – I reminded myself to put a little perspective into things, and always remember that becoming a film maker in Denmark is probably the less difficult place to do so in the world. So I stopped whining and worked for it.
And here I am six years later, studying scriptwriting at the national Norwegian Film School, five short films in my resumé and a whole bunch of projects and visions ahead of me. And still a long way to go, because I intend to walk the extra mile.
I hope my life story matters less than my filmography and my hard efforts to becoming a film maker. That is what defines me more than anything. I cannot decide my background, but I can decide how I spend my time now, and I hope my actions will speak louder than my identity.

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Director Statement

This story is based on an experience I've had myself at an open mic. I was attending it to support my friend who was performing. I was doing research on my own for a film (not this hehe), so I was writing notes on every gig of the night. He was actually really good, the best of the night, but there was another comedian who didn't excell - quite the contrary. It was one of the most awkward performances I've seen, and I wrote many notes on down on why it didn't work.
Unfortunately, my notes didn't stay so private when one comedian took the notebook out of my hand and began to read them out loud.