On the 30th of July The Wendybird collective - a Brisbane based LGBTI community organisation - is holding a short film evening. Wendybird aims to provide a supportive community for people of diverse bodies, genders, relationships and sexualities.

On the night we be screening 'Wendybird Speaks: Digital Storytelling Documentary'.

With this project Wendybird has worked with LGBTI people to explore the experiences of connection and belonging that shape their individual and collective LGBTI community identity.

This event will also host some fabulous short films made by other local Brisbane queers.

As always, this is an all ages, drug and alcohol free event that is inclusive for all LGBTI people, their families, friends and children.

No awards and prizes will be handed out at this event.

- Work must be from a filmmaker based in Australia or have an Australian setting
- Work that has screened elsewhere will be accepted
- Excerpts of longer works will be accepted.
- Submissions need not be recently produced. We are happy to accept older works. We would love to include in our program pieces that showcase earlier eras of Brisbane's queer community.
- Submission should be PG in tone and content. A single slur or swear word is acceptable. Depictions of homophobia and transphobia are permissible in context of an uplifting ending.
- Submission of a work is no grantee that it will be screened.