Weird Witches and Fall

This story is about three girls – sisters sorceresses, little witches who are getting to know the world. For them, everything is new, even natural phenomena.
The sisters live in a large fairy linden tree, which is their home. On the upper branches of the tree is the home of the raven Kawling.
When little witches learn about the approach of Fall, they begin to panic and do destructive magic. After all, they are witches and must save everyone by stopping the unseen monster because of whom the leaves fall.
Witches try to stop Fall, and Kawling tries to stop the sisters. How can it be unclear that Fall is…
To the witches’ great surprise - all their charms are useless and powerless in the face of such a beast. The forest is in complete mess, and Fall is still coming.
But in the end, the sisters realize that they were wrong, that they confused everything, that Fall is not a monster, but a beautiful natural phenomenon.
So, all that remains is to be happy and laugh at themselves.

  • Lana Ra
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival

    September 7, 2021
  • Page Turner Screenplays
    Santa Monica
    September 28, 2021
    SHORT FILM SCRIPTS - Quarter-Finalist
Writer Biography - Lana Ra

Lana Ra
born and live in Kyiv, Ukraine
Children's writer, screenwriter, playwright and artist. (Kyiv, 1973)

Twice laureate of the International Literary Contest "Coronation of the Word”; winner of the 8th International Biennale of Modern Drama "Free Theater", Kinoscript Scriptwriters' Festival, International Screenplay Competition (Canada-Germany-USA-Ukraine); 2017, 2016, 2012 "The week of the actual play"; Diploma Coronation of the Word, CYCLOP video poetry competition; Works in short lists: Korniychukov Prize, Drama.Ua, French-Ukrainian Tandem Contest, International Drama Time Contest, International Contest of Comedy Pieces "Gashotyu", International Competition of Playwrights "Eurasia", "Remarka"
Plays have productions in academic theaters, and studio theaters of Ukraine.
In children's theaters of Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Belarus
«Козацька дума про Якима, віргів та царя Клюка» (director Oksana Nesenenko) 2013
«A fairy tale about the city of Borshchiv» (director Stepan Koval) 2013
«How to Cheer Up Loneliness» (director Stepan Koval) 2018
«Varvara the cossaks and Dnipro» (director Nadia Limova) 2019
«The city of a Lion» (director Stepan Koval) 2019
Play for children «Як врятувати країну Мережину» premiere 2017, Severodonetsk Theater
Play «На межі» premiere 2017, Kyiv Theater
Play for children «Обережно, Незнайомець!» premiere 2017, Luck Theater
Play «At a Bad Time» premiere 2018, Chernigiv Theater
Play for children «Єгорка в країні ґудзиків» premiere 2018, Odesa Theater
Play «At a Bad Time» premiere 2018, Kolomyia Theater
Play for children «Королева зугублених ґудзиків» premiere 2019, Cherkasy Theater
Play for children «Обережно, Незнайомець!» premiere 2019, Kolomyia Theater
Play «At a Bad Time» premiere 2019, Drogobich Theater
1999 — «Математичні пригоди»
2000 — «Математична країна»
2009 — «Замок чарівників Європи»
2011 — «Фантазии круглый год»
2015 — «Обережно, Незнайомець!»
2016 — «Щоденник котячих мандрів»
2018 — «How to Cheer Up Loneliness»
2019 — «Professionals»

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