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The ghost girl Nancy is happy for the upcoming wedding tomorrow, but it turns out that she has been dead for many years.

The female ghost Nancy is wearing a wedding dress and looking at herself in the mirror happily. She finds her fiance, Peter, and wants him to see how she looks in the wedding dress. Back in time decades ago, the young Nancy and Peter were classmates. Later they fell in love and got married, and spent decades together. When Nancy was 75 years old, she got Alzheimer's disease. She forgot to spend decades with Peter. Soon after, Nancy died, and not long after, Peter died. Peter saw the young Nancy after his death. It turned out that she remembered the past and stayed with Peter.

In modern society, it seems increasingly difficult for young people to find a lover and spend a lifetime together. Their academic, career, and financial pressures continue to increase, and at the same time they are increasingly impatient with marriage and partners.WEDDING shows the beautiful side of humanity and love, and calls on individuals to learn to cherish it.

  • Jiaoyang Nai
  • Jiaoyang Nai
  • Jiaoyang Nai
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Writer Biography - Jiaoyang Nai

Nancy Nai was born in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. Her project is influenced by Neo-Noir Film and cult fim. In terms of themes, short films usually expose the current social situation and the dark side of human nature. Of course, there are also short films that describe the beauty and moving emotions in human nature.

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