The Kinematifest is a student initiative created for and by Webster University students. Our mission is to inspire and innovate Webster University students to grow as artists through motion pictures; To draw attention to rising filmmakers, animators, and game designers; To give students a chance to present their work; To encourage dialogue with the community.

Kinematifest is in its sixteenth!
There are nine film & animation categories:
Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Experimental, Music Videos, Experimental Animation, Animated Shorts, Animated Clips!
Game submissions are submitted via a google form

Banner photo by Prapye Srisa-an.

Each category winner will receive a 2 terabyte hard drive and a winner's certificate!

1. Festival Mission:
Kinematifest is a student initiative created for Webster University students. The Festival is an event designed to promote student work. We want to allow students and the greater community to enjoy art in an all-encompassing virtual event. With independent films and animation, professional speakers, and local companies we will provide a day full of exploration and entertainment in the world of film. The three core outcomes of the festival are competitive success, inspiring creativity, and creating a strong community network.

2. Film Submission:
• Free submission
• Registration period: November 4th, 2021 - March 20th, 2022
• Submit films through
• Submit animations through FilmFreeway or email
• No late submissions will be accepted!
• You must be a Webster University student to qualify for this Festival.

3. Screening Format:
• If selected, filmmaker or animator is required to provide the film in .mp4 - codec H264 - 1920 x 1080

4. Eligibility Criteria:
• Filmmaker or Animator MUST BE ENROLLED AS WEBSTER UNIVERSITY STUDENT when the film is created
• For projects OUTSIDE of Webster, the submitter's position must be Director, Producer, or Cinematographer.
For projects INSIDE of Webster, the submitter's position must be Director or Producer.
• Length of the film or animation must be under 15 minutes including end credits.
• If a film or animation is created in a language other than English, the filmmaker must include English subtitles.
• Filmmaker or animator must include an opening disclaimer for a film with explicit content such as violence, nudity, sexual content, and drug use.
• No premiere status restriction. Films that are screened previously at other festivals are

5. Film Categories:
• Documentary - a nonfictional motion picture intended to document reality, primarily for instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.
• Comedy - Films where the main emphasis is on humor.
• Drama - Films that relies on the emotional and relational development of realistic characters.
• Horror - Film that seeks to elicit fear for entertainment purposes.
• Experimental - Films that rigorously re-evaluate cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.
• Music Videos - a videotaped performance of a recorded song, usually accompanied by dancing and visual images interpreting the lyrics.
• Experiment Animation - Animation without a linear narrative.
• Animated Shorts - Animated shorts with a narrative story.
• Animated Clips - Short clips of animation not attached to a larger story or piece.

6. Award Categories:
• Best of Show

7. Selection Process
Festival Organizers will check submissions for submission requirements.
Webster Faculty will pick the top 3 from each category.
An outside judge will pick a winner from each category.

8. Disclaimer:
• Rules and regulations are subject to change at the festival committee’s discretion
• In the case of submission complications such as inability to view submission films, the festival committee will exercise due diligence to contact the filmmaker, however, the committee is not responsible should there be any unforeseeable errors.