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Way To Roll

Way to Roll is essentially the story of an idealistic movie-maker who uses marijuana; he meets a beautiful and dynamic young actress who is in turn totally against the use of any drugs. They fall in love and he has to prove to her that he is not a ‘waste of time druggy’. To achieve this he casts her in his movie called ‘Roll’ about ‘many ways to consume marijuana and the consequences’, without her knowing the theme of the movie.

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    Way To Roll
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Writer Biography - Abraham Strauss

About Abraham Frederick Strauss – Producer / Writer / Actor / Director

After courting a life-long love of movies and of the art of movie-making, South African-born Abraham Strauss formally
emigrated from South Africa to the USA in 2005 in order to pursue a career in the movie industry; to follow a passionate
ambition to become and actor and movie-maker.

He joined New York’s HB Studios in Nov 2006. HB Studios is one of the best-known acting institutes in the US, and has been
instrumental in producing some of the industries greatest actors, including acting legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.
Later that year he then joined the ‘Hollywood Film Institute' in New York to learn the art of movie-making, and to learn the
skills involved with screenwriting through the ‘Gotham Writers Workshops’.

Abraham also joined the Downtown Community Television Center in New York in 2008, benefitting from
extensive networking and workshops in movie production.

In 2008 Abraham was certified as a Cinema Director and Line Producer by the Hollywood Film Institute, and that same year
also graduated from the Hollywood Film Institute in the capacity of Feature Film Producer – an achievement he shares with
famous writer / actor / director Quentin Tarantino who attended the very same institute.

He is inspired not only through his love of the industry and storytelling in all its aspects, but also by an interesting and
fortunate life spanning two continents, from formative years in South Africa to his adult years in the US.
Abraham’s innate creativity and his life experiences have provided him with an abundance of stories to tell, each one with a
‘twist’, and over the years he has developed this initial passion and almost instinctive love for movie-making into an
aspiration to get involved in all aspects of the industry.

He completed the first draft of his screenplay ‘Way To Roll’ in 2008, after which he commenced travelling back and
forth between New York, Miami and South Africa – the three locations featured in the screenplay. He spent two years
dedicated to developing the basic first-draft ‘script’ into its present form – a fully developed feature movie screenplay ready
for production for the international market.

Way To Roll was copyrighted at the end of 2010 with the United States Copyright Office in Washington D.C.
Abraham will direct Way To Roll himself and as the originator and developer of the project, he further intends to oversee all
the creative aspects involved in the making of Way To Roll from pre to post production and finally marketing and
distribution. He developed the vision for the movie and he intends to carry out this vision, ultimately deciding on how the
movie will look, sound and ‘feel’.

Furthermore Abraham’s extensive US education in the nuts-and-bolts aspects of movie production and marketing puts him
in an advantageous position to negotiate with all pertinent outside entities - from investors to producers, actors, agents
and ultimately the distributors. He is confident to oversee every aspect of the entire executive management process.
He also intends to approve all trade, legal and fiscal obligations, and he will also push for and approve strategic
alliances with other companies and organizations as required.

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