Want your short to play before a modern classic feature at Atlanta's longest running independent cinema, The Plaza Theatre? Well, this is your chance. Wax&Wane Films, a production company founded in Atlanta, is programming a monthly showcase that will play shorts paired with features on the silver screen. All selected works will be played before features by the directors that inspired them in a one night event open to the public and promoted by the Plaza Theatre!

Each selected film will run one night at the Plaza Theatre which will be open to the public and promoted with a popular film (ex. Shaun of the Dead, Mean Streets, Sixteen Candles, Donnie Darko, etc.)

General Submissions Rules for Wax&Wane Presents... At The Plaza!

Wax&Wane Presents... At The Plaza! accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries to or from Wax&Wane Presents... At The Plaza!.

Rules & Regulations

1. Film entrants must provide a FilmFreeway online screener.
2. All entries must be in English or Subtitled
3. All films selected for screening at the festival grant Wax&Wane Presents... At The Plaza! the right to use stills and excerpts of up to two minutes for promotional purposes. Trailers will be provided by the applicant if requested.
4. Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged entries.
5. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by one of the festival directors.
6. Multiple entries are permissible, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry.
7. Submitting to the festival for consideration is not a guarantee of being programmed.