Waking the Fox

After a dashing, young ex-Marine is assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, he rescues a friend’s alluring daughter from an oppressive cartel, drawing him into assuming the role of ‘The Fox’, the people’s prophesied hero destined to rid them of the city’s corruption and treachery, even within his own department.

When Xavier Romiro and his fellow agents execute their first drug raid, they discover that the local cartel has been tipped off.

Xavier seeks a distraction by taking Paco, his brother who helped him move, to a Basque street festival, where they meet an avuncular man named Mittin, and enjoy traditional sword and high-kick dances with his beautiful daughter, Arantxa.

When Arantxa is kidnapped by a gang under orders of the lascivious cartel kingpin, Mittin seeks out Xavier to ask for help.

Xavier, knowing his ops team cannot be trusted, dons a makeshift Mexican death mask and rescues her on his own. After he, and surprisingly Arantxa as well, use their unique combat skills to overpower the cartel henchmen, the two of them develop an obvious chemistry.

Mittin then buys Xavier a fox mask and persuades him to assume the role, as prophesied by a blind priest, of a man known as ‘the Fox’ who would rise up to rid the people of the cartel.

Operating from a secret chamber behind his consulate office that has access to an ancient spillway under the city, Xavier executes many successful raids against the cartel.

The citizens lionize their Fox, until he is wounded in a trap set by an unknown source and is forced to go underground.

Xavier must rise again to uncover the traitor in his department and end the cartel kingpin’s reign of terror forever, before he can reveal his true identity to his beloved Arantxa.

As well as the Basque street festival, backdrops for other scenes include a traditional Basque cider house, a petanque arena, a Jai Alai fronton, the famous statue of Saint Death and Mexico City’s annual Basque Games.

This screenplay could become a cinematic franchise, with four sequels already outlined.

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Writer Biography - Thomas Lyndon Snow

In 2012, T. L. (Tom) Snow brought his Australian wife and daughter back to the U.S., where he continues to hone his screenwriting skills.

He remains active in California’s Central Coast writing community by shepherding new critique groups, such as his new one for screenwriters called Take Two, and coaching budding authors on the various aspects of writing, publishing and marketing. His stint on the board of San Luis Obispo’s premier authors’ guild, SLO NightWriters, afforded him the opportunity to run their 25th annual Golden Quill Awards and sit on the committee for Cuesta College’s 30th anniversary of its Central Coast Writer’s Conference.

Tom has appeared on local radio shows and has presented to various organizations. He devotes his time to his writing projects, including screenplays, novels, short stories, blogs, contest entries and article submissions to local publications.

His screenplay, The Legend of Molly Maguire, recently won 2nd prize in the Historical genre at the 2019 Cannes Screenplay Contest and is currently in the quarter-finalist level of the 2019 Scriptapalooza competition.

Mammon's Bidding is currently in the semi-finalist level of the 2109 Burbank International Film Festival.

Other screenplays being judged this year include Taking off the Gloves, Voodoo and the Mime, No Indulto and Waking the Fox.

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Writer Statement

I am submitting for your consideration my latest screenplay of 81 pages titled Waking the Fox (WGA# 2014313), a contemporary, feel-good adventure for the entire family.