Mohammad Wajeeh – Who is He?
Mohammad Wajeeh is a young man in his thirties from Pakistan. Just like other young people of this country, he also had certain plans for his life. However, with so many challenges he thought of permanent solutions and then moved ahead with his passion. Initially, he had no idea what he will choose as a career will make his life beautiful and he will call himself the happiest one in this world. That is why he completed his studies and earned two graduate degrees. The first was in Criminology and the second was in Business Administration. After that, he started playing guitar to find peace and also became active in martial arts.

Sketching and Wajeeh’s Passion of Sketching as a Professional Artist
After going through several videos about sketching on YouTube he practiced. So much so that he honed the skills and now he is working as a sketch artist. This career has given him much fame, respect, and everything he ever needed. Yes, he believes that with a passion anyone can make his life easier. It might take a little extra time to reach the defined success point but it is always a win, win situation. The reason is, one always learns from mistakes and errors. And getting towards success is always a sheer pleasure.

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Artist Biography

Among such people is Mr. Mohammad Wajeeh (Wajeeh). He holds a degree in criminology and business administration. Besides that, he is an amazing guitarist and is deeply associated with martial arts. With all these skills and an impressive manifesto of living a dream life, he chose something entirely different – sketching.

Despite knowing and honing other skills, he opts for sketching. The reason is simple. Wajeeh had a thing for sketch artists. Not just he adored other artists who are into sketching. He also loved to learn about the skill to the next level.

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