What is WOW Middle East?

Presented by Straight Street Media, UAE
The World of Women’s Cinema - WOW Film Fair Middle East is the first women’s short film fair that promotes and awards the talents of women directors, producers, writers, editors and cinematographers in the film industry internationally. It is an event that offers emerging and established filmmakers the opportunity to screen short works giving a thematic perspective of ... “seeing the world through the eyes of women”. Created by Women in Film and Television NSW, this is the first of its kind event in the Arab world. Committed to improving the status of women, both on and off the screen, the event aims to support and advance women working in film, TV and other related screen industries.

WOW is a unique showcase of films by women or about women, allowing for a different storytelling and giving another perspective of the world through women's eyes. Aiming to be a festival of discovery, celebration, debate, networking and an inspiration for new work – the event is a non profit project presented by Straight Street Media, a Dubai based company committed to improving the status of women, both on and off the screen, by supporting and advancing women working in the film, television and related screen industries.

The 6th WOW (World of Women) Film Fair 2019 is now calling for entries for women who are high achievers across various fields.

If you know of a special woman who you believe should be recognised for her exceptional work towards advancing women in the Arab world or in film, please send a brief email to wowmiddleeast@gmail.com along with their full name, age, nationality and reason why they deserve to win. Entries are welcomed from any sector of society. Nominations are open until Feb 10th, 2020.

Awards include:
Humanitarian of the Year
Business Leader of the Year
Personality of the Year
Sports leader of the Year
Rising talent Leader of the Year (2 Filmmaking Awards)

2019 Open call for film submissions

DEADLINE: December 1st, 2019


COMPLETION DATE‭: ‬Films of any completion date are‭ ‬eligible for submission‭. ‬WOW Film Fair does not have any premiere requirements‭. ‬However‭, ‬the festival does take previous screenings and broadcasts into consideration when making its official selections‭, ‬particularly when films have already screened in the GCC.

LANGUAGE‭: ‬DVD preview screeners and exhibition prints must either be in English or have English subtitles‭.‬

EXHIBITION FORMATS‭: ‬You must have one of the following formats available by December 1st‭, ‬2018‭, ‬if accepted‭, ‬for screening at the‭ ‬festival‭. ‬
HIGH DEFINITION‭ - ‬35mm‭, ‬Blu-Ray‭, ‬or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬
STANDARD DEFINITION‭ - ‬DVD or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬
FilmFreeway digital file Mp4)

FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION‭: ‬Notification will be sent by email or phone to the contact listed on the entry form by Jan 14th, 2019‭.‬‭ ‬You are responsible for updating WOW Film Fair directly regarding any change to your contact information and ensuring that emails from‭ hermoine@straightstreetmedia.ae are not blocked by spam filters‭. No screening fees will be paid to any film makers featured in the festival.

WINNERS: All shortlisted films and winners must collect their awards and prizes within one month after the festival. Failure to do so will result in the award or prize being donated to charity.

SUBMISSION FORMAT‭: WOW Film Fair requires ONE‭ (‬1‭) ‬DVD or digital file for review‭. ‬Include the film title‭, ‬running time‭, ‬and format‭ on your disc‭. ‬Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬files are also acceptable for entry on a USB device or data disc‭ (‬DVD‭, ‬CD‭, ‬or Blu-Ray‭). ‬Submission materials will NOT be returned‭. ‬

Online screeners must include a link to the film and the password in this form‭ and be sent to hermoine@straightstreetmedia.ae.

Overall Rating
  • It was my first time experiencing such a very beneficial festival specialized in women. It's my pleasure to be part of this great festival.

    March 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much for being apart of it – Looking forward to seeing you in 2019!

  • Mohammad Mohammadian

    Thank you so much, your festival is very nice .

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your support!

  • Tracey Anarella

    I am glad that I made the decision to travel to Dubai for the festival. The festival head was very communicative from the start. the venues are very nice and is a good way to network.

    March 2017
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    Response from festival:

    It was so lovely to have you with us and your film was amazing!