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We are the only authors and directors who managed for the first time to make an exclusive movie about currently active fighters of SOF because at the legislative level, all information related to the SOF is a state secret and the tasks performed are not subject to disclosure. All faces and voices are disguised. Despite that, the sincerity of the Heroes captures you at first sight.
The SOF soldiers are called Werewolves, Warriors Of The Night. There are such wizards in Ukrainian SOF. Even if a Warrior is almost at the limit of his physical exertion and fatigue, he still has to find the strength to fight, to be able to communicate, to provide medical assistance, to clear mines. In short, to fulfill the duty at the limit of human physical and moral capabilities.
The Heroes tell the audience the details and subtleties of their profession. They are soldiers who can perform their tasks in all terrain—in the sky, on the ground, on the water as well as under them, moreover, under mountains too. Finding enemy groups, counteracting them, performing counter-sniper actions, neutralizing terrorists, hostages release are the main work of the Warriors. They perform orders as scouts behind enemy lines. They must quietly arrive and carry out their task (preferably with a positive result). Same way they have to return — quietly and without being wounded or killed.
The SOF of Ukraine is part of the NATO SOF family. Special purpose combat swimmers enter the littoral zone, conduct supplemental reconnaissance, littoral zone reconnaissance, store up and continue to perform tasks.
Screened multi-component operation «Wolf». The operators worked behind enemy lines in the territory temporarily occupied by the enemy. Combat swimmers raided and captured the enemy leader.
Heroes of the film share the stories about how they spent 5 years in enemy captivity and, after returning home, continue to perform tasks.
The film cries out that Ukrainians have already experienced such brutal aggression and genocide by russia. The viewer realises the methods and ways in which the russian occupiers tried to destroy the nation in the 20th and 21st centuries. The film is essentially a documentary of military cinematographic art. The art of the profession of SOF is to control own body and mind, weapon and fight, execute operations, communicate in a team, and destroy the enemy. Ukrainian fighters of SOF represent the profession of the global SOF family to a wide audience. The film is about patriotism, battle spirit and readiness to protect your home by all means.

  • Tetiana Kulakovska
  • Anna Martynenko
  • Anna Martynenko
  • Tetiana Kulakovska
  • Tetiana Kulakovska
  • Anna Martynenko
  • Current SOF fighters All faces and voices are disguised
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    documentary, independent film, auteur cinema
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    1 hour 33 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 4, 2023
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    4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K)
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  • No
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  • https://www.eyewell.se/wolf-no-fear
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Director Biography - Tetiana Kulakovska, Anna Martynenko

Ukrainian independent authors and filmmakers. Our names are Tetiana Kulakovska and Anna Martynenko. We are the citizens of Ukraine, we were born and live in Kyiv. We are friends and directors. Since the spring of 2014 year when russia started war against our Homeland we started making documentary about our Defenders - Ukrainian Warriors. Only true stories. For our citizens, children, for people all over the world - to know the truth of crimes and tragedy of the 21st century in the Middle of Europe in Ukraine. We are an independent auteur directors.
«WOLF. NO FEAR» is our 7-th documentary.
We are the only authors and directors who managed for the first time to make a movie about currently active fighters of Special Operations Forces, because at the legislative level, all information related to the Special Operations Forces is a state secret and the tasks performed are not subject to disclosure.
All Heroes of the movie «WOLF. NO FEAR» are real combatants, all actions and events are real, each story is tempered by life, which makes this a successful demonstration of a high-quality audiovisual work to the audience.

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