We will start the sixth festival “WIIFF” (Wolves Independent International Film Festival), for professional independent filmmakers.

Wolves Independent International Film Festival centred on a nice village Saldutiškis, in Utena directory, Lithuania. It’s a three days long film festival in August 27 – 29. 2021. Showcases all genres films about nature, heritage, environment, history, culture, etnography, adventure, wildlife, indigenous cultures and social issues. The festival offers daytime as well as evening screenings. The Festival opens doors for young people and their families and for anyone looking to watch great films, who want to meet and learn from professionals. All genres are eligible.

“Canis Lupus” statuette, Notarial certificate and Laurel-Diploma for the winners in each categorie:

Best of Festival
Petras Abukevičius Award
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film

1. Entries must be submitted via FilmFreeway's online screener option. Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English. Submitted films have been completed after January 2019. Please do not send press kits or any other print materials until they are requested by the festival staff. Wroted by the festival, except at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee.
2. Entrants will be notified of the results of the film selection process. Please do not phone to request results.
3. The filmmaker must obtain all approvals, including but not limited to: copyright; licensing and moral rights; and all waivers and releases. You must have acquired all rights to music and/or your film's original score. Wolves Independent Interantional Film Festival does not hold any responsibility in gaining the necessary approvals, waivers or releases.
4. Wolves Independent International Film Festival does not have any obligation to show entered films at the festival. The Festival organizers may withdraw any selected film for any reason.
5. Wolves Independent International Film Festival may terminate the WIIFF at any time and for any reason.
6. All entries will be viewed by the selection committee. The Festival will make no cuts or changes. Festival selections will be announced on or around July 31th. 2021. All entrants will be notified by email. The festival does not pay rental fees for submitted work.
7. If your film is accepted to be part of the program, you will do your best to work with us to have the film’s director and other key personnel (actors, writers, producers, etc) attending the festival to present the film and interact with the WIIFF audience.
8.The price "Canis Lupus" statuette and Notarial certificate winning filmmaker, can only be received if an author is personally present at the closing ceremony, taking place on 29th of August 2021. Laurel-Diploma copy could be sent by email.
9.The statuette "Canis Lupus" and Notarial certificate to winning filmmaker, could be sent by special offer.

Overall Rating
  • Pablo Jato

    Any festival that has an honest spirit, whose interest is really cinema, is a good festival. It doesn't matter if there are more or less famous actors / directors, or if the red carpet is only one meter long or two kilometers long, if there is gold or there isn't. Those things don't make one festival better than another. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to be present at the festival, but we thank the festival for looking at our film and considering it worthy of a prize. We wish you all the luck in the world.

    September 2019
  • Itai Shlemberg

    When I decided to participate in the WIIFF i didn't know what to expect.
    I got lucky to spend my time with those lovely people.
    WIIFF is a unique festival in the beautiful country side of Lithuania.
    you get the chance to meet the local people, spend a time in the beautiful forest of Lithuania and eat the Lithuanian food by the fire.
    The organizers of the festival are very warm and I learned a lot from them about cinema, the history of Lithuania and the history of Lithuanian cinema.
    It is one of my best experiences ever.
    Itai Shlemberg
    Writer and Director
    Si minor - short film

    November 2016