The Volgograd International Independent Film Festival, will showcase the best
short films and its filmmakers from around the world.
The Volgograd International Independent Film Festival is a platform for independent filmmakers, where they can show their films on a big screen and to know the opinion of the audience and their colleagues.
We want to create a community of independent filmmakers from different countries of the world.
First of all, we invite directors who make films with a small budget.
The Festival reserves the right to refuse any film without explanation.
After the film will be a formal program, you will receive a confirmation email. Then you have to send
link to download the film. You can submit more than one film, but you have to complete a separate
entry form and pay the entry fee for each film.

Awards & Prizes

-Best Foreign Short Film
-Best Dramatic Short Film
-Best Comedy Short Film
-Best Animated Short Film
-Best Horror Short Film
-Best Experimental Short Film
-Best documentary short film
-Best Student Short Film
-Best music video
-Best Children's Film
-Best Film City
-Best cartoon for residents of Russia
-Best cartoon for all other countries (except Russia)
-Best Short Film of rare animals in the world

Rules & Terms

Films should be made after 2010
Timing of short films must not exceed 20 minutes
All non-English films must have English subtitles.

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    Hamid Reza Mazrae Khatiri

    no information ...dont trust to russians

    June 2017
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    Behzad moloud

    without any information and news, I didn't find any information from festival and didn't update website.

    April 2017