Voldy and Eliane. The most beatiful dress

Today. Lubumbashi, Congo, R.D.C. Voldy loves Eliane, but she is shy. Eliane wants to buy a beautiful yellow dress but she doesn't have the money. Voldy will work for her to show how big is his love for her.

  • Luca Guardabascio
    Credo in un solo Padre, Inseguito, Senza Far Rumore, The difference, A me mi piace lavorare
  • Luca Guardabascio
    Credo in un solo Padre, Sotto la cenere, Teneri Germogli di Brughiera, A me piace lavorare
  • David Kalala
  • College l'Harmattan
  • Luca Guardabascio
    Vicino al Verbi
  • Voldi Kalala Katalushi
    Key Cast
    first time
  • Daniela Kimwanga Ngoie
    Key Cast
    "Eliane "
    first time
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    10 minutes 47 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 29, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    4,800 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
  • Country of Filming:
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Cinema Sociale99
    Sales Agent
    Country: Italy
    Rights: All Rights
    Country: Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Luca Guardabascio

Director and writer for film and television. Mr. Guardabascio has made documentaries, feature films, and television shows created especially for Rai 2 (Rai Night). Since 2011 he taught the history of Italy through Italian cinema often as a Visiting Scholar and part time Professor at Robert Morris University in Moontownship in Pennsylvania and other University in Us.
In Italy he teaches mainly in the High School and in School of Cinema and Media.
The main fields of interest are Cinema, History, World Communication, Media and New Media Society, Anthropology, Litterature, Music.

He invent the genre "Marron" (a blend of yellow and noir) with the first feature film "Inseguito-Pursued" (2002) starring Fabio Testi and short stories, "Uomini Qualsiasi e Giorni Qualunque".

Mr. Guardabascio wrote, directed and produced two feature films: the thriller "Inseguito" (2002) and the drama "Addio Notte Bianca " (2005), the two seasons of the TV drama "Task Force" (2009-2011) on climate change filmed in thirty-two countries.
Mr. Guardabascio has written and directed a number of short films and historical, anthropological, social documentaries, such as "Where to rest Your feet" on the mystical Angela Volpini, and "Capodarco: Before the Future" on the community founded by Don Franco Monterubbianesi.

He has published 12 novels and 4 essays, including some on Cinema and Litterature (Alberto Moravia, Mario Soldati, Antonio Pietrangeli, Vittorio De Sica… ) the publishing successes "My Own! Una guerra privata" (2005) published by Laco, and "Ancora un’Estate o un’Estate Ancora” (2011 Il Violino Edizioni, third printing.) In 2014, Mr. Guardabascio has published “Pietre sull’Oceano”. La storia di Giovanni Esposito e Joe Petrosino (Historica Editions at Mondadori). The novel, best seller with 5 edition printed, explores Italian emigration to America from the Unification of Italy (1861) until the earthquake in Irpina of November 23 1980. It was presented in several American cities, cultural center, universities and has an introduction by David Chase, the creator of the Sopranos.
Mr Guardabascio is working on 2 trilogies on the migration’s topic. The second of the six books “In Laos” talk about the new Italian migration after the new world crisis (2007) and it will be printed in December 2021.
He has a contract with the publisher company Newton Compton to publish other 3 books.

In 2015, Mr. Guardabascio has written and directed Lola: In Punta D’ali, about the dancer Lola D'Arienzo, who suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for twenty five years. Featured in the short film are Enzo De Caro and Pino D’Aloia. In 2015 start the production of “Are the passengers saved?” Docu –Film on Andrea Doria’s incident set in 1956 with notable guest actors (Fabio Mazzari, Don Most, Giordano Petri, Lucia Bendia, Valerio Massimo Manfredi) and produced by Pierette Domenica Simpson a producer and survivor. In fall 2016 will be distribuited in US and Italy.
In 2017 his documentary on “Andrea Doria” represented the hig quality of Italian movies at the Losangeles Italia, Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
In June 2018 he started the movie “Credo in un solo Padre” about a double domestic violence based on Ferruccio Tuozzo’s novel with the actors Massimo Bonetti, Flavio Bucci, Anna Rita Del Piano, Giordano Petri, Giordano Petri and several guest stars. The feature film is distributed in spring 2021. The movie has several endorsements by the government and it is considered a movie of Cultural and Nation interest and won 9 international awards.
In 2019 he has written and directed the musical “Carlo Levi, a Sud di Eboli” based on the book Christ stopped in Eboli by Carlo Levi. The musical will rapresent Italy in Matera 2019.
Actually is filming in Italy “Without Making any noise” a feature film with neorealism touch that touch several social apect from drugs, discrimination, climate change, childhood, migration. His projects for the next future are a feature film about the basketball legend Hank Luisetti, the movie is based on the bestseller book by Mike De Lucia Madness. A feature tv movie with on the tragedy of the Andrea Doria written with the author Pierette Domenica Simpson that will have the actor Vincent Spano the cast. The movie has several endorsements by the government and it will considered a movie of Cultural and Nation interest.
Actually he is co-writing the screenplay of a feature film about Alzheimer’s syndrome with the American director Micheal Di Lauro titled “The Smell of Garlic”.
In 2023-2024 his best seller book “L’amico speciale” will be taken into consideration as mini-series for Italian tv. In 2021 He publishes Schubert’s Gospel, that tell the story of the romantic and melancholic composer Franz Schubert
In 2021 he spread up the Manifesto of Social Cinema99 of which he is Founder, a social movement that take Liberal Arsts and Cinema as method to have a better society thanks to the right education of Media (and social Media)

The goal of Cinema Scoiale99 is Entertain, Educate and Train new generation of artist and professional workers that will represent the better part of our Society.
In 2022 Mr Guardabascio write, produce and direct Vicino al Verbo the first production target by Cinema Sociale99 a Feature Film with strong social issues (racism, intolerance, poverty, incommunication, migration, disability, dementia). The movie has a notable cast Fabio Mazzari, Anna Rita Del Piano, Morlo War, Kevin Capece, Don Most (the Ralph Malph of Happy Days), Francesco Baccini, Claudio Madia, Rossella Corrado and Clayton Norcross. The film will be released in 2023.
His latets short film Per averci creduto, another controversial topic against domestic violence it is inspired by the book and the story by Dr. Sandra Pagliuca, starring Massimo Bonetti and Chiara Primavesi, will be distributed by Sly Production in Christmas 2022.
Actually is on the Documentary about Prison and Asylum titled Faceless that tell the true story of the Soccer Champion Fabrizio Maiello.

Luca Guardabascio has won numerous international awards as director and author. Most recently the prestigious Books for Peace 2022 (an Unicef-Unesco award) for cinematographic and narrative merits and for social commitments; he was also awarded as a best educator by the Dante Alighieri Society and by the AIAE (Association of Italia-American Educators)
2023 He starts a project of Cinema and Pedagogy in Congo and produced several shorts and documentary

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