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Violet's Bloom (Fioritura di Violetta)

We begin in Los Angeles in the 1950s…surreal meets
After the loss of her mother when Violet is only 5 yrs old,
our heroine is guided through 40 years of her life by an
artistic archive of divine drawings come to life; created
and orchestrated by her dead grandmother, Nonna
Female characters rule this non-linear coming of age
story that spans 40 yrs in which we are transported from
Los Angeles (1950’s) and throughout Italy, with story
driven VFX appointed as a storytelling device. Only in
the end, the audience discovers that most of these
unique female characters woven into Violet’s life, each
offering wisdom, had their origin in the grandmother’s
artwork and were intentionally gifted to Violet as
companions on her journey.
Violet's watershed moment in life at 5 yrs old is counter
balanced by the vivid imagination she shares with her
Nonna Angela, and in the end, after watching her
transform from age 5-45 years old, we are asking
ourselves what was real and what was fantasy?

  • Screenwriter: Dana Brown
  • Stacie Isabella Turk and Dana Brown
    Story by
  • Stacie Isabella Turk
  • Stacie Isabella Turk
  • Dana Brown
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Screenwriter: Dana Brown

Dana Brown

Being the oldest of seven children and also a single mother, Dana’s journey to become a writer had to wait until her second act. However, Dana says that this is not a detriment, but is instead a blessing, as she now has a wealth of inspiration and life experiences from which to draw. Her writing credits include the short film, Easy Access. She has been commissioned to write a feature film based upon the life of the South African runner, Sydney Maree, and is also working on a semi-autobiographical novel based upon the time spent caring for her Alzheimer’s stricken grandmother. The script being submitted to La Femme Film Festival is a project for which Dana has written multiple drafts over more than ten years, teamed with the female director/producer who brought the project to her.

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